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Which Sherlock?

  • Robert Downey Jr.
  • Benedict Cumberbatch
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Hi... ☆☆☆

So looking forward to a Sherlock Holmes part 3: starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law... yuppers !
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• 11/13/2018

Favorite Episode of Sherlock?

Mine was the ghost dog one!
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• 10/20/2018

The science of deduction

Anyone else having trouble getting on sherlocks website from the BBC TV show
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• 10/20/2018

Have you played with any of the Sherlock Holmes video games?

I have tried a few (The testament of Sherlock Holmes, The awakened, Crimes and Punishments)
And now I'm thinking of trying the Devil's daughter. What's your opinion on these games?
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• 10/15/2018

Who is better

  • Jim Moriarty
  • Sherlock Holmes
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• 10/9/2018

Favorite episode

What is your favorite Sherlock episode? Mine is the Reichenbach fall. Also, if you have iBooks, you can get all the original stories for free excluding casebook.

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• 10/2/2018
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• 9/29/2018
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• 9/19/2018

Sherlock Soundtrack

Is it just me or is anyone else obsessed with the soundtrack from Sherlock? Especially “Who You Really Are”
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• 9/9/2018


I ship Molly and Sherlock so hard, ugh they would be so perfect. Thoughts?
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• 9/4/2018

hey, opinions on eurose?

i do really love her, opinions bout her?
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• 8/27/2018


Hey! I'm currently working on a book of Sherlock preferences on Wattpad (I haven't published it yet as I haven't made a cover) and I was wondering if anyone had any prompts?
My Wattpad username is TheMisguidedGhostXXX if you wanna check out my stuff. 😀
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• 8/23/2018

It is quite curious

In the Reichenbach episode JM says that “everyone has their pressure points. “ Thats practically the catchphrase for CAM. Charles Augustus Mag. was constantly talking about people’s pressure points.
I wonder if JM and CAM ever meet up for tea and biscuits and just talked about their most recent crimes.
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• 8/23/2018

You didn’t think we’d notice-but we did...

You see Mary running after John after he kisses her BUT then she actually gets up. 😉
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• 8/20/2018

I wish!!!

If season 5 of Sherlock BBC ever be made what is the one scene u wish to see in it
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• 8/20/2018

Sherlock's Escape Room

Hi guys! Have u heard about the Sherlock's Escape Room in London? Opinions?
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• 8/18/2018


Okay, so I'm new here. I write Fanfiction and I need the scripts because life. So if anyone knows where I could look, that would be greatly appreciated.
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• 8/12/2018

Catchup continues 1x2

Do we get different detectives in every episode of this show? Full Thoughts:
Sherlock Season 1 episode 2 discussion: The Blind Banker
Sherlock Season 1 episode 2 discussion: The Blind Banker Dexter Discuss
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• 8/12/2018

Beyond the final problem

Eurus escapes & joins isis - she rapidly controls & becomes the head of Isis & al qida
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