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• 1/14/2019

The game is afoot

Hey everyone. New to the Sherlock fandom group and have been hooked on Sherlock since I was a kid. I've read all the original books by Doyle, seen all the original Sherlock b&w movies as well as the BBC incarnation and the Robert Downy Jr. movies. I wouldn't give the series with Lucy Lu a chance if she personally paid me herself with sex and gold. Still love playing Sherlock: The Network and any other Sherlock game I can get my hands on. As for the stories, as much as I do enjoy the BBC series and RDj movies, the only true cannon imo is Doyle's.
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• 1/11/2019

The Book or the series or the movies

Is this Fandom for the book or the series or the movies
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• 1/11/2019

Doctor Watson

When is Doctor John H. Watson's birthday??
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• 1/8/2019

What’s ur favorite Holmes child

  • Sherlock
  • Mycroft
  • Eurus
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• 1/7/2019
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• 1/7/2019

Who is the best couple??

  • molly and sherlock
  • John and Mary
  • Sherlock and john
  • Moriarty and Sherlock
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• 1/6/2019

U prefer...

  • Miss. Hudson (or)
  • Moriarty (or)
  • Mycroft Holmes
  • idk 😓😓
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• 1/5/2019

Who thinks Mary is badass and great?

  • Naw bruh
  • Wait who?
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• 1/2/2019

Who supports Johnlock

  • Idk what it is
  • YES
  • Nah
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• 1/2/2019
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• 12/31/2018

Was Moriarty Manipulated?

So, we all know that Eurus, Sherlock's sister, wanted 5 minutes of unsupervised conversation with Jim. Clearly, she was able to control the minds of the other people at Sherrinford, but I was wondering if she was able to get into Jim's mind too. He seems to be the sort of guy that "does his own thing" and gets what he wants, when he wants it. However, do you think that he wasn't always acting for himself sometimes? Just wanted to hear your thoughts.
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• 12/29/2018

Hey guys

Hey guys I am new here, is this fandom dedicated to bbc Sherlock or all the other Sherlock series?
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• 12/27/2018

Holmes and Watson.

So, apparently Rotten Tomatoes gave Holmes and Watson a 0! Has anyone here seen it? It looked so good in the trailer...
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• 12/25/2018

Who is waiting for The New episode od sherlock ? ;-;

  • me
  • ...
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• 12/21/2018


I'm impressed I'm not sure how on earth did Arthur Conan Doyle thought of this great character. Sherlock is a genius and soooooooooo amazing
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• 12/18/2018
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• 12/11/2018

I'm new here

Hi I'm new here, I'm a bluse/rock guitarist I love 60s and 70s music and I love scherlock
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• 12/6/2018

You're the Director!

There's so many cool adaptations of Arthur Conan Doyle's classic Sherlock Holmes stories. Everyone has their favorite, and some are better than others, but each is unique. So many authors, directors, and artists have put their unique spin on Sherlock. If you were to interpret Sherlock, how would you do it? Would it be a TV show, a movie, a novel, a play? Who would you cast as the leads? What stories would you focus on? Be the director, and share your vision. <3
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• 12/3/2018

What do you guys like best?

  • SHERLOCK! JohnLock is goals!
  • I like the original Conan Doyle Stories.
  • I like the RDJ films!
  • The Jeremy Brett series! Obviously!
  • I like the Basil Rathbone films.
  • All of the above!
  • Not listed.
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• 11/27/2018


Is this fandom just for Sherlock Holmes? Or are continuations ok, namely the Charlotte Holmes books? (Brittany Cavallaro.)
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