A Controlled Descent

Season 3, Episode 24

Air Date May 14th, 2015
Writer Robert Doherty
Director John Polson
Viewers Unkonwn
Previous Absconded
Next The Past Is Parent
A Controlled Descent is the twenty-fourth and final episode of season three of Elementary. It first aired on CBS on May 14th, 2015.


Season 3 ends with Holmes' recovery sponsor disappearing. Sherlock delves into the man's life for clues and questions whether his friend has been abducted or has suffered a relapse into addiction.


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  • The title is essentially the antonymic image to 'spiralling out of control' or 'crashing'.





  • Michael Weston - Oscar Rankin
  • Jason Kolotouros - Agitated Man
  • Brenda Pressley - Estella Llamosa
  • Elia Monte-Brown - Kamala
  • Patrick Page - Jonathan Bloom
  • Matthew Saldivar - Neil Kopecky
  • Maceo Oliver - Nassau County Uni

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