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"A Landmark Story" is the twenty-first episode of season one of Elementary. It first aired on CBS on 2 May, 2013.


Sherlock is called to prison when Moran (M) explains that he will reveal information about more past murders, but only to Holmes. Instead, the killer tells Sherlock that Phillip G. Van Der Hoff, a man recently found dead from a heart attack, was on his list of intended victims from Moriarty.[1] M tells Sherlock to find the man who killed Van Der Hoff, and he will lead Sherlock right to Moriarty. With this information, Sherlock and Joan are able to track down and capture The Actuary, a soft-spoken assassin in Moriarty's employ. Of course, this only deepens the mystery of what Sherlock's greatest nemesis actually wants.


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Guest stars[]

  • Vinnie JonesSebastian Moran
  • F. Murray AbrahamDaniel Gottlieb
  • Roger Aaron Brown – John Douglas
  • Byron Jennings – Van Der Hoff
  • Helen Coxe – Hillary Taggart
  • Laurence Lau – Baumann
  • Morgan Weed – Rainbow-haired girl
  • Mark Diconzo – Uniformed cop
  • Tony F. Devito – Pagan #1
  • Aaron Berg – Pagan # 2
  • Berto Colon – Will
  • Kristine Johnson – TV Reporter

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