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A Stitch in Time is the twentieth episode of season three of Elementary. It first aired on CBS on 16 April, 2015.


Holmes and Watson investigate the murder of a professional skeptic who debunked paranormal, religious and scientific phenomenon for a living. The probe uncovers a potential threat to homeland security. Meanwhile, Gregson's daughter asks Joan for help with a case.


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  • Liza J. Bennett - Hannah Gregson
  • Jordan Gelber - M.E. Hawes
  • Eric Bogosian - Collin Eisely
  • Joseph Melendez - Carlos
  • Anita Gillette - Claire Renziger
  • Andrew Rothenberg - Finn
  • Jeffrey Schecter - Senior Tech
  • Marcy Harriell - Yolanda Massee
  • Robert Capron - Mason
  • Lohrasp Kansara - Nadim Al-Haj

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