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A Study in Sherlock is an anthology of Sherlock Holmes-related stories published by Bantam.


  • An Introduction
  • "You'd Better Go In Disguise"
  • "As To "An Exact Knowledge of London"
  • "The Men with the Twisted Lips"
  • "The Adventure of the Purloined Paget"
  • "The Bone-Headed League"
  • "The Startling Events in the Electrified City"
  • "The Case of Death and Honey"
  • "A Triumph of Logic"
  • "The Last of Sheila-Locke Holmes"
  • "The Adventure of the Concert Pianist"
  • "The Shadow Not Cast"
  • "The Eyak Interpreter"
  • "The Case That Holmes Lost"
  • "The Imitator"
  • "A Spot of Detection"
  • A Study in Sherlock: Afterword