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The Emirate of Afghanistan was a country in central Asia. It was bordered to the north by Russia, to the south and east by British-controlled India, and to the west by Persia.

Canon appearances[]

A Study in Scarlet[]

Because of continued war against the Sikhs in India, the British led an Indian expeditionary force against the Afghanis in 1842. Failing to achieve their objectives, they launched a second Anglo-Afghan War in 1878. This ended in victory for the British in 1880, who let the Afghans remain independent but assumed control of the country's foreign relations. Both Dr John Watson and Colonel Sebastian Moran fought for the British in this war; Watson, however, was shot and forced to return to England to convalesce, where he would later meet Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock (2010)[]

John Watson (then a doctor in the Army with the rank of captain), Royal Army Medical Corps and Fifth Northumberland Fusiliers, was deployed to Afghanistan he served for three years until he was invalided out of service after being wounded in the shoulder.


Part of John's flashback to Afghanistan.

Prior to meeting Sherlock Holmes, John would suffer from flashbacks and nightmares concerning his time in Afghanistan.[1] However, after he began working with Sherlock, these symptoms disappeared.[2]


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