Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing

Season 4, Episode 21

Air Date 17 April, 2016
Writer Arika Lisanne Mittman
Director Ron Fortunato
Previous Art Imitates Art
Next Turn It Upside Down
Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing is the twenty-first episode of season four of Elementary. It first aired on CBS on the 17th April, 2016.


When Holmes and Watson are pulled into a double-homicide investigation, they discover the victims were staging a fake murder right at the moment they were killed. Also, Watson's inside man at Morland's office encounters a problem that threatens to expose her spying to Holmes and his father.


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  • Alexander Chaplin - Davis Potter
  • Kathleen McNenny - Ida Talt
  • April Hernandez-Castillo - Roxanne Ortiz
  • Robert Petkoff - Emil Kurtz
  • Michael Eaddy - Butch Callahan
  • Tim Bohn - Jared Talt
  • Ro Boddie - Beat Cop
  • Andhy Méndez - Thief
  • Steve Rosen - Emcee
  • Tommar Wilson - Young Uni

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