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Albert James Moriarty (アルバート・ジェームズ・モリアーティ, Arubāto Jēmuzu Moriāti) is one of the main characters of Moriarty the Patriot and the older adoptive brother of William and Louis James Moriarty.

The character is based on the less known brother of Professor James Moriarty who was referenced twice in the Doyle canon. Since the manga uses the two brother theory due to Doyle retconning the brother's profession, he's likely based on the incarnation referenced in The Final Problem who's referred to as a colonel and Moriarty's older brother.


Albert Moriarty would often visit the orphanage to help the children, hating his family treating commoners as being lower than them. One day he met the boy who would later be known as Moriarty and his brother Louis at the orphanage, fascinated by their ideals and intelligence he would observe the brothers during his repeated visits to the orphanage. After Albert found out about the future Moriarty's goal to make everyone in Britain equal, he promised him all of his power and had his father adopt him and Louis.

Disgusted by how horribly the rest of his family treated the orphans, he becomes committed to Williams ideal. Once Louis‘ condition was stable, Albert, William and Louis conspired to kill the Moriarty family by staging a fire and escaped. Albert told authorities that Louis and William are his brothers.

13 years later, he enlists into the army and becomes a high ranking general. After William was taken captive by a group of kidnappers who were part of an Opium ring, which turned out to be part of William's plans, Albert led a military force rescuing William and wiping out the opium ring. This resulted in Albert being promoted by Mycroft Holmes, becoming the head of a new Secret Service Intelligence organization called MI6 under the codename "M".


  • Albert fully supports William, trusting his reasons are sound even when his schemes seem beyond bizarre to pull off.
  • To prove his loyalty to William and Louis as part of their plan, Albert stabbed his original brother fatally; allowing him to die in the fire that destroyed their home and killed their parents. Allowing William to take on his identity without any questions asked; since the real William never left the mansion.


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