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"You know, I know it is hard, but one of these days, you got to get over yourself."
―Alfredo to Sherlock [src]

Alfredo Llamosa is a recurring character and former car-jacker, who consults with dealers and manufacturers testing their security systems before the cars are released to the market.


Sherlock first saw Alfredo introduce himself at a recovery addict's meeting and suggests to Watson that they should meet Alfredo and discuss whether he should become Sherlock's new sponsor.  He then waits with Watson to meet with Sherlock, but Sherlock ends up canceling. During this wait, he tells Watson that "he has never been a sponsor before, but is looking forward to it". Later in the episode, he shows up at Sherlock's apartment with an incredibly fancy car and says "he knows Sherlock likes to pick locks" and as an aside he knows this was Watson's idea. He then leaves and Sherlock tells Watson "he will work".

Alfredo and joan

Alfredo and Joan

In a later episode, it is implied that he taught Watson how to jack a car and is present with her in a car before she departs to Sherlock's apartment. He then accompanies her on a stakeout of a man Watson believes to have murdered his wife, and witness the suspect carry a big chest into a car. After this, Watson goes up to find out whats in the chest, despite Alfredo saying that they needed to call the cops first. Shortly after she leaves the car, it is implied that he called the police.

Alfredo goes to Holmes and Watson for help when his sponsor's sobriety is threatened by repeated blackmail attempts related to the sexual assault of his daughter. At the same time it is the one year anniversary of Holmes' sobriety and Alfredo and Watson both think this is an important day for him, whilst Holmes claims that he does not care. Alfredo tells Holmes that getting a sobriety chip is not all about him, saying, "One of these days, you've got to get over yourself". After Holmes and Watson solve the case it is implied that Holmes told him the real reason why he did not accept the chip, which was that he relapsed the day after entering rehab and so it was not the exact anniversary.



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