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"Ancient History" is the fifth episode of season two of Elementary. It first aired on CBS on 24 October, 2013.


At the morgue searching for a case, Sherlock discovers one of the bodies, Leo Banin, is a former assassin who killed someone the day he died. So they go looking for his victim. After looking into business associates and a loan shark, all of whom are still alive, they go back to the accident scene. At the scene, Sherlock and Joan find the body of his victim, another mobster. They uncover bullet casings that indicate that Leo was being shot at and that is what caused the traffic accident. Finally, Sherlock reveals that it was Leo's wife who alerted the mobsters to his location and aided in their plan to kill him and, in the end, was forced to pick up the gun herself. Meanwhile, Joan helps a friend find a one night stand that turns out to have been Sherlock.


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Elementary S02E05 Preview "Ancient History"



Guest stars[]

  • Jordan Gelber – M.E. Reginald "Rex" Hawes
  • Mia Barron – Lara Banin
  • Danielle Nicolet – Jennifer Sayles
  • Wass Stevens – Travis Hardwick
  • Misha Kuznetsov – Marko Zubkov
  • Olivia Baseman – Sasha Zubkov
  • Tibor Feldman – Dr Michael Glassman
  • Mike Starr – Russell Gertz
  • Deirdre Madigan – Receptionist
  • AJ Cedeno – Bartender
  • Vanessa Aspillaga – Secretary
  • Gene Gabriel – CSU Officer

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