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John: "What's your name then?"
Anthea: "Anthea."
John: "Is it your real name?"
Anthea: "No."
— "A Study in Pink"

Anthea is a young woman who works as an assistant of Mycroft Holmes, the brother of consulting detective Sherlock Holmes.

She is first seen in the limo which Mycroft uses to "kidnap" John for their conversation.[1] She spends most of the journey texting on her phone, ignoring John. When John asks her what her name is, she replies with "Anthea" but admits seconds later that it was a lie.

When John asks her if she ever has any time off, implying that he wishes to go on a date, she replies that she does but makes it clear that she is not interested. She uses her phone to inform Mycroft that the limo dropped John off at 221B Baker Street.

Anthea 301

Anthea returns

She is seen again at a crime scene, with Mycroft who has come to talk to Sherlock. She does not seem to remember John from earlier in the limo. She is told by Mycroft to increase the level of surveillance status on both Sherlock and John.[1]

When Sherlock returns to London after faking his death, Anthea is seen briefly whilst Sherlock is in Mycroft's office and she returns Sherlock's coat.[2]


  • Anthea does not appear in the "Unaired Pilot", and her lines during the ending scene are spoken by Sally Donovan.
  • Although never officially named by BBC, the series directors or writers, IMDB and fans alike refer to her as "Anthea".
  • In the script included in Sherlock Series 1-3 Special Limited Edition Collector’s Box, her dialogues are written under the name "Andrea".


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