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Baker Street: A Musical Adventure of Sherlock Holmes is a Sherlock Holmes theatrical musical adaptation that opened on Broadway on February 16, 1965. It was written by Jerome Coopersmith, with music and lyrics by Marian Grudeff & Raymon Jessel. Its opening run starred Fritz Weaver as Sherlock Holmes, Inga Swenson as Irene Adler, and Peter Sallis as Dr. Watson.

The musical is loosely based on A Scandal in Bohemia, The Final Problem, and The Empty House.


Act I[]

Act II[]

Original Broadway cast[]

Baker Street featured the following cast in its original 1965 Broadway run, in order of appearance:[1]

  • Fritz Weaver as Sherlock Holmes
  • Patrick Horgan as Captain Gregg
  • Peter Sallis as Dr. Watson
  • Paddy Edwards as Mrs. Hudson
  • Daniel Keyes as Inspector Lestrade
  • Inga Swenson as Irene Adler
  • Virginia Vestoff as Daisy
  • Martin Wolfson as Baxter
  • Teddy Green as Wiggins
  • Bert Michaels as Duckbellows
  • Sal Pernice as Nipper
  • George Lee as Perkins
  • Mark Jude Sheil as Macipper
  • Jay Norman as Murillo
  • Avin Harum, Christopher Walken, and Tommy Tune as The Three Killers
  • Gwenn Lewis as Tavern Singer
  • Martin Gabel as Professor Moriarty

Musical numbers[]

There were fourteen musical numbers for the production of Baker Street: A Musical Adventure of Sherlock Holmes.[1] Irene's opening song was initially "I'm in London Again," but this was replaced with "Buffalo Belle" sometime before August 1965.[2]

List of musical numbers in Baker Street
# Song title[1] Act, scene Character performers Notes
1 It's Simple Act I, scene 1 Holmes, Watson, Gregg, Lestrade
2 Buffalo Belle Act I, scene 2 Irene and girls Originally "I'm in London Again."
3 Leave It to Us, Gov Act I, scene 4 Wiggins and The Irregulars
4 Letters Act I, scene 5 Irene
5 The Cold, Clear World of the Intellect Act I, scene 7 Holmes
6 Finding Words for Spring Act I, scene 7 Irene
7 What a Night This is Going to Be Act I, scene 7 Holmes, Irene, Watson, Daisy
8 Underworld Act I, scene 8 Company Musical number with no lyrics.
9 I Shall Miss You Act I, scene 9 Moriarty
10 Roof Space Act II, scene 1 Wiggins and The Irregulars
11 Married Man Act II, scene 2 Watson
12 I'd Do It Again Act II, scene 2 Irene
13 The Pursuit Act II, scene 3 Holmes
14 Jewellry Act II, scene 7 Baxter and Criminals


The book for Baker Street: A Musical Adventure of Sherlock Holmes by Jerome Coopersmith was released in 1966. In addition to the full original book (script), it includes song lyrics and photographs of the Broadway production.[1]

Original cast recording[]

The original cast recordings of Baker Street: A Musical Adventure of Sherlock Holmes were recorded in New York City on February 21, 1965.[3] It includes Irene's song "I'm in London Again" instead of the song that replaced it in production, "Buffalo Belle."

The original cast recording was released on vinyl LP by MGM Records in 1965.

It was re-released on CD in 2006 by Decca Broadway. This version has two additional tracks: an alternative recording of "A Married Man" by Richard Burton, and "Baker Street Mystery" by Kai Winding.

List of cast recording releases[]

Format Label Release date Catalog # or UPC
LP, mono MGM Records 1965 E 7000 OC
LP, stereo MGM Records 1965 SE 7000 OC
CD Decca Broadway 2006 602498884072

Original cast recording track list[]

LP track CD track Song title Performers Length Notes
A1 1 Overture Orchestra 2:39
A2 2 It's So Simple Fritz Weaver, Peter Sallis, Patrick Horgan, Daniel Keyes 4:11
A3 3 I'm in London Again Inga Swenson & The Company 3:14
A4 4 Leave it to Us, Guv Teddy Green & The Baker Street Irregulars 3:12
A5 5 Letters Inga Swenson 4:58
A6 6 Cold Clear World Fritz Weaver 1:59
A7 7 Finding Words for Spring Inga Swenson 2:55
B1 8 What a Night This is Going to Be Fritz Weaver, Inga Swenson, Peter Sallis, Virginia Vestoff 5:02
B2 9 I Shall Miss You Martin Gabel 2:37
B3 10 Roof Space Teddy Green & The Baker Street Irregulars 3:09
B4 11 A Married Man Peter Sallis 2:32
B5 12 I'd Do it Again Inga Swenson 3:17
B6 13 Pursuit Fritz Weaver 1:58
B7 14 Jewelry Martin Wolfson & the Company 2:47
- 15 A Married Man Richard Burton with Richard Hayman & His Orchestra 2:29 CD bonus track.
- 16 Baker Street Mystery Kai Winding & His Orchestra 1:41 CD bonus track.


  • Ticket prices were between $3.00 and $9.90.[4]



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