If you wish to gain administrative rights, or want to nominate a user who you think will be a suitable admin, then please do so here.


  • Anons and brand new accounts can not take part in this process - accounts should be at least a month old.
  • In order to take part users should be active in this community - users are counted as active when they have 100 or more edits.
  • For a nomination to be successful there must be at least 75% of total votes in support.
  • If a user fails to achieve enough support to receive admin rights they should wait at least three weeks before trying again.

If you wish to nominate yourself or someone else for adminship then copy and paste the code below at the bottom of this page, filling in the appropriate sections.

Past requests

Main article: Baker Street Wiki:Requests for adminship/Archive

How to request

=== [[User:Username|Username]] ===


Short statement on why you/person you are nominating should be an admin. (Usersignature)

==== Support ====

  1. Support. Why you support this user ... (Usersignature)
  2. Support. (Usersignature)

==== Oppose ====

  1. Oppose. Why you oppose this user ... (Usersignature)
  2. Oppose. (Usersignature)

Nominations/requests for admin rights

All nominations and discussion should be placed in this section.