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The Baskerville family was a family of English gentry with their seat at Baskerville Hall near Grimpen in Dartmoor. The family is descended from Sir Hugo Baskerville, a notorious squire of the Civil War period. The only known surviving member of the family is Sir Henry Baskerville, Baronet.

Notable members[]

  • Sir Hugo Baskerville I (fl. 1647), family patriarch
  • Hugo Baskerville II (fl. 1742)
  • Sir Charles Baskerville (d. bef. 14 May 1889)
  • Sir Henry Baskerville's father, younger brother of Sir Charles and older brother of Roger II.
  • Rodger Baskerville II (d. 1876), younger brother of Sir Charles who died in Central America of yellow fever
  • Sir Henry Baskerville (fl. 1889), nephew of Sir Charles
  • Rodger Baskerville III (d. 1889)
  • Rodger, John, and Elizabeth Baskerville, children of Hugo II (fl. 1742)
  • Rear Admiral Baskerville, who served under Rodney in the West Indies (fl. 1762-1782)
  • Sir William Baskerville, Chairman of the House of Commons Committee under Pitt (fl. either 1766-1768 or 1783-1804)
  • A woman in blue silk painted by Sir Godfrey Kneller (fl. late 17th c.)
  • A stout man in a wig painted by Sir Joshua Reynolds (fl. mid-late 18th c.)