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Be My Guest is the eleventh episode of season five of Elementary. It first aired on CBS on the 8th January, 2017.


Holmes and Watson race to find a woman who's been held captive for years before the kidnapper takes drastic steps to avoid being caught. Also, Watson becomes frustrated when Shinwell refuses to focus on his informant training with her and Holmes.


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  • Wade Williams - Ryan Decker
  • Deirdre Lovejoy - Carrie Traub
  • Luna Tieu - Freeda Boonark
  • Tina Chilip - Sinjae Vee
  • Ka-Ling Cheung - Benita Sakda
  • Jaime Lincoln Smith - Darnell Langston
  • John Bolton - Mr Charles
  • Burke Moses - New Jersey Detective
  • Samuel Gomez - Diego
  • Ruthie Ann Miles - Rockaway Detective
  • Kristen Adele - Office Worker #1
  • Jessica Savage - Office Worker #2
  • DeShawn Harold Mitchell - Guard
  • Jeff Kready - ESU Officer #1

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