This article is for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's character. For other versions of the character see Versions of Charles Augustus Milverton.

Charles Augustus Milverton was a blackmailer featured in The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton.

He is described as "the king of the blackmailers" and inspires in Sherlock Holmes more revulsion than any of the murderers he has encountered in his career.

One night, Holmes and John Watson break into Milverton's home to crack his safe and destroy his blackmail materials. They are interrupted when Milverton enters his study in the middle of the night, supposedly to meet with a woman who has incriminating materials to sell. The woman turns out to be one of Milverton's past victims, whose husband died after Milverton sent the compromising documents to him. In revenge, she draws a pistol and shoots Milverton dead.

After she is gone, Holmes swiftly empties the contents of Milverton's safe and burns them, to prevent any future grief to his victims, then he and Watson flee the house.

The next morning, Inspector Lestrade asks for Holmes's help in identifying Milverton's murderer. Holmes declines, declaring that his sympathies lie fully with Milverton's victims.


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