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"Looked a bit of a weirdo if you ask me. Often are, these vigilante types."
―Chief Superintendent speaking about Sherlock [src]

Chief Superintendent refers to the unnamed extremely senior officer of New Scotland Yard.[1] He is one of the people who fall for Moriarty's scheme to discredit Sherlock Holmes.

After Sally Donovan and Anderson start to believe that Sherlock is responsible for the kidnapping, DI Greg Lestrade visits 221B Baker Street and asks Sherlock to come into the police station for questioning. He declines, and the police officers go back to the station to apply for a warrant.

Greg, Sally, and Anderson go before the Chief Superintendent explaining that Sherlock might not only be involved in the kidnapping, but might have faked all of the cases he worked on for the police, to which Anderson comments is somewhere in the 40s. The Chief Superintendent yells at Lestrade for allowing Sherlock access to sensitive police information. Lestrade attempts to argue by saying he was not the only senior officer to do so, mentioning Gregson, however the Chief Superintendent orders them to go and arrest Sherlock regardless.

At 221B Baker Street, Sherlock is arrested and on his way to the station when he is joined by John, who has been arrested for punching the Chief Superintendent for his insulting comments about Sherlock. Sherlock manages to distract the officers at the scene by making their earpieces screech with feedback from the police radios. This allows him to get a gun and, using John as a hostage, escape. The Chief Superintendent is left ordering Lestrade to find Sherlock.


Given actor Tony Pitts' Sheffield roots, it seems fair to describe the Superintendent's accent as 'South Yorkshire'.


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