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Constable Clark was a policeman who worked with Sherlock Holmes. He assisted Holmes several times during his investigation of Lord Henry Blackwood and the Temple of the Four Orders.

Sherlock Holmes[]

Constable Clark first appears alongside Inspector Lestrade when he raids the crypts beneath St Paul's Cathedral to stop Blackwood from performing a black magic sacrifice. By they time they arrive Holmes and Watson have already subdued Blackwood and his thugs, so Clark puts cuffs on Blackwood and leads him away.

Following Blackwood's execution, Clark is the first one to inform Holmes of his apparent resurrection. He accompanies Holmes and Watson to Brompton Cemetery to investigate Blackwood's crypt. The, after Sir Thomas Rotheram's murder, Clark escorts Holmes to the crime scene. He teases him about Holmes' recent scandal at the Grand Hotel.

After the explosion at the Queenshithe Slaughterhouse, Clark is one on the first of the scene and finds Holmes in the rubble. He warns him that Lord Coward has issued a warrant for his arrest, and allows him to escape before the rest of the police arrive.

After Holmes defeats Blackwood, Clark again comes to fetch him on Lestrade's behalf. He tells him that the first officer who attempted to secure Blackwood's device had disappeared, and was found dead. Though the device has been secured, Holmes intuits that the radio transmitter device has been stolen, and that Professor Moriarty is behind the theft.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows[]

Holmes' memorial GoS

Attendees at Holmes' memorial: Clark is seated farthest left.

After Holmes is presumed killed at the Reichenbach Falls, Clark attends his memorial in London alongside Inspector Lestrade. They are seated in the front row along with Mycroft Holmes and Mary Watson showing his friendship with Holmes.