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"Corpse de Ballet" is the fifteenth episode of season two of Elementary. It first aired on CBS on 6 February, 2014.


The murder of a ballerina is investigated by Sherlock and Joan, and evidence seems stacked against the dance company's star performer, Iris. An audio recording released to the tabloids reveals Iris' intimate relationship to the victim, but Sherlock deconstructs the recording and deduces that Iris' lawyer was the murderer and was trying to use the impending trial against Iris as a way to elevate his firm's reputation. The police find a stolen hard drive with surveillance footage at the lawyer's home which was the missing evidence to charge the lawyer. Meanwhile, Joan looks into a missing homeless man, prompting her to open up to Sherlock about her biological father who is schizophrenic and lives on the street. Joan locates the missing homeless man and uncovers a plot to kidnap homeless people for their benefit checks.


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Guest stars[]

  • Aleksa Palladino – Iris Lanzer
  • Scott Cohen – Nolan Sharp
  • Jennifer Laura Thompson – Rachel Brown
  • Dan Cooney – Cliff Brown
  • Bill Sage – Jake Picardo
  • Curtis McClaren – Morris Gilroy
  • David Gregory – Nicholas Orman
  • Tally Sessions – Officer Jaffin
  • Alec Beard – Officer Conroy
  • Bradford Cover – Vincent Renatto
  • Nina Lafarga – Tatiana
  • Liz Wasan – Stage Manager
  • John Leonard Thompson – Picardo's Lawyer
  • Andrea Green – Dancer # 1
  • Hannah Kahn – Dancer # 2
  • Kimberly Faure – Nell Solange

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