Cromwell & Griff
Cromwell & Griff
Vital statistics
Location Pensborough Place, London
Position Auction house
Appearances Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Cromwell & Griff is an auction house located at Pensborough Place in London. The auction house catered to an elite clientele, and items for sale included marble statues, oil paintings, tapestries, and a number of Egyptian antiquities. Dr Karl Hoffmanstahl was murdered outside this building by Colonel Sebastian Moran while Sherlock Holmes was busy inside stopping Moriarty's package bomb. Although Holmes managed to contain the blast, averting a serious disaster, many rare artifacts were destroyed, including:

  • The fourth-dynasty sarcophagus of King Menkaure, made of black basalt (which Holmes put the bomb inside). It is listed as "recently rediscovered" after being thought lost at sea in 1838.
  • A fourteen-karat white gold, citrine, and diamond pendant belonging to Czarina Karina of Moldovia in 1640.
  • Two carved Gothic limestone figures of saints from the Vatican.
  • A Luristan bronze axe head from the 2nd Millennium B.C.


  • The Sarcophagus of King Menkaure was a real relic discovered in 1837, but was lost at sea while being transported to the British Museum the following year and has never been recovered.