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Dimmock: "Mr Holmes..."
Sherlock: "I have high hopes for you Inspector. A glittering career."
Dimmock: "If I go where you point me?"
Sherlock: "Exactly."
— "The Blind Banker"

Detective Inspector Dimmock is an inspector of New Scotland Yard.

He was called in when Sherlock found a dead banker's body in a man's flat.[1] Dimmock first believed the banker's death to be a suicide, and needed a significant amount of convincing from Sherlock to believe that it was murder. Sherlock pointed out that it would have been difficult for Van Coon to have shot himself in the right side of his head when he was left-handed, and at Dimmock's scepticism, proceeded to point out each piece of evidence that pointed to a left-hander.

He did not believe Sherlock's conclusion until the ballistics report came back saying that it was not the banker's gun that fired the fatal bullet. After this he begged Sherlock to allow him to help, and gave Sherlock all the books from the homes of the two murdered men.

In series four's The Six Thatchers, Dimmock is seen again consulting with Sherlock during a montage of crimes Sherlock is solving whilst waiting for Moriarty to spring his trap.


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