Dressed to Kill
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Roy William Neill

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22 September, 1944

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Terror by Night

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Dressed to Kill is the 16th and final film featuring Basil Rathbone as Holmes and Nigel Bruce as Dr Watson. It was filmed and released in 1946.

Plot Description

A man imprisoned in the Old Bailey makes four music boxes that play the tune "The Swagman," but with a different emphasis on each note that serves as a coded message as to where the stolen spare plates for the five pound note are hidden. They are sold at auction, and Hilda Courtney, a wealthy widow and the leader of the gang of counterfeiters for whom they are intended. She is opposed by Sherlock Holmes in her plan to kill the new owners and steal back the music boxes. She even masquerades as an aged matron in order to steal the music box from a man she has had murdered! Finally, however, Holmes breaks the code and realizes that the plates are hidden in the home of the great 18th Century doctor and scholar, Samuel Adams. There, Madame Courtney and her men are apprehended, and Holmes and Watson are last seen entering the stairway to go downstairs to the ground floor. The film ends there now, but originally, when it was released in theatres, it had a closing sequence in which Holmes and Watson lead the way down the steps of Dr. Adams's house and the members of the cast were named as they appeared in the appropriate sequence, presumably getting into a series of cars at the end.


This was the last Basil Rathbone/Nigel Bruce Sherlock Holmes film. The special ending sequence mentioned above was cut by a television distributor, apparently for reasons of length, and has never been seen on television.

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