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Season Seven of Elementary is the seventh and final season of CBS's contemporary update of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes detective stories set in the United States.




Main Plot Points[]

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Table of episodes[]

Season Seven
#01 The Further Adventures#06 Command: Delete#10 The Latest Model
#02 Gunshots#07 From Russia with Drugs#11 Unfriended
#03 The Price of Admission#08 Miss Understood #12 Reichenbach Falls
#04 Red Light, Green Light#09 On the Scent #13 Their Last Bow
#05 Into the Woods

Brief overview[]

# Image Title Airdate Writer(s) Director
701 Elementary portal The Further Adventures May 23, 2019 Robert DohertyJason Tracey Christine Moore
Holmes and Watson's new careers as consultants for Scotland Yard in London take them inside the tabloid journalism industry when a popular model is the victim of an acid attack. Also, at Watson grows increasingly homesick for New York, Captain Gregson is wracked with guilt over his unresolved rift with his former consultants.
702 Elementary portal Gunshots May 30, 2019 Jason Tracey & Robert Doherty Guy Ferland
Holmes and Watson try to work a stateside investigation from London when someone close to them (Captain Gregson) is gravely wounded by an unknown perpetrator in the United States. However, Holmes' stateside legal trouble - the result of a confession to a murder he didn't commit - threatens to derail their efforts.
703 Elementary portal The Price of Admission June 6, 2019 Tamara Jaron Thomas Carter
Holmes attempts to secure his legal re-entry to the United States by leaning on his father's crooked relationship with the FBI. Meanwhile, Watson is enlisted by Bell to help investigate a murder for a storage facility used by wealthy clients to avoid customs and prying eyes.
704 Elementary portal Red Light, Green Light June 13, 2019 Robert Hewitt Wolfe Jonny Lee Miller
An explosion caused by a crash at a road intersection leads Holmes and Watson to try to determine who manipulated traffic lights to cause the crash, and why. Also, as Captain Gregson begins his road to recovery, he, Holmes and Watson suspect that there's a larger game at play.
705 Elementary portal Into the Woods June 20, 2019 Jeffrey Paul King Christine Moore
When a jogger is fatally stabbed during a race and a double homicide is found shortly thereafter, Holmes and Watson try to find the link between the seemingly unconnected murders and unravel the perpetrator's full scheme. Meanwhile, tech billionaire Odin Reichenbach hires the duo to investigate a personal threat he believes originated from within his own company.
706 Elementary portal Command: Delete June 27, 2019 Jordan Rosenberg Craig Zisk
Tech Billionaire Odin Reichenbach asks Holmes and Watson to assist him with the development of a program he created to predict future crimes. Also, Detective Bell enlists the duo to help locate an NYPD officer planning a sniper shooting.
707 Elementary portal From Russia with Drugs July 4, 2019 Sean Bennett Michael Hekmat
Holmes and Watson investigate the murder of a criminal who made his living by stealing from other criminals. Also, when Captain Gregson resumes leadership of the precinct, he suspects his interim replacement, Captain Dwyer, is responsible for one of his best detective's suspicious departure.
708 Elementary portal Miss Understood July 11, 2019 Bob Goodman Michael Smith
Cassie (season four's "Miss Taken"), who indeed beat her murder charge, wants help finding the killer of one of her childhood foster mothers.
709 Elementary portal On the Scent July 18, 2019 Jeffrey Paul King Christine Moore
Holmes and Watson work to determine if a long dormant serial killer has resurfaced in the wake of a sculptor's murder in New York City. Also, Watson suspects Holmes is keeping something from her regarding tech billionaire Odin Reichenbach.
710 Elementary portal The Latest Model July 25, 2019 Robert Hewitt Wolfe Ron Fortunato
Holmes and Watson's foe, Odin Reichenbach, asks them to test his new crime prevention system; tasked with investigating someone the program predicts will commit a crime, they worry Odin will take drastic action.
711 Elementary portal Unfriended August 1, 2019 Bob Goodman Lucy Liu
Holmes and Watson join forces with Holmes' father, Morland, to enlist his vast criminal network to help disassemble tech billionaire Odin Reichenbach's crime prevention system.
712 Elementary portal Reichenbach Falls August 8, 2019 Jason Tracey Ron Fortunato
Following the murder of Morland Holmes, tech billionaire Odin Reichenbach inadvertently provides Holmes and Watson with a lead that could give them evidence that brings him to justice. But when all their options run dry, Sherlock decides to take very drastic actions.
713 Elementary portal Their Last Bow August 15, 2019 Robert Doherty Christine Moore
Three years after Reichenbach’s arrest, Sherlock is lured back to New York when an associate of Jamie Moriarty tells Joan that she is dead. Sherlock is offered a position with the NSA under McNally, but he turns it down when he learns that Joan has breast cancer. A year later, Holmes is at Moriarty’s grave when McNally approaches him again with his offer, but Sherlock declines, and he and Watson go to the 11th to offer their services as consulting detectives to Captain Bell once Watson is cancer free.