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Note: Not to be confused with Eurus Holmes, the Holmes' sister in Sherlock.

Enola Eudoria Heddassa Holmes is the protagonist and is the eponymous character in the Enola Holmes series of mystery novels by Nancy Springer. She is the younger sister of Sherlock Holmes, who is twenty years her senior, and Mycroft Holmes. Enola escapes to London following the disappearance of her mother, Eudoria Holmes, to find her mother and avoid Mycroft's plans to send her to finish school. While searching for her mother, she solves mysteries. She is portrayed by Millie Bobby Brown in the film adaptation of the series.[1]



Enola is a young, determined girl who began confused as to why her mother had left. She had been brought up differently to how most girls grew up during that time, and liked defending herself and what she believed in, which was not well seen by people like her own brother, Mycroft. During the film, we can see that Enola is smart, able to solve mysteries faster than her famous older brother, Sherlock and capable of defending herself, while helping others in the process, such as Tewkesbury. She is caring and passionate, willing to take on big risks for people she holds close to her, like jumping out of a train and advancing towards Dowager Lady Basilwether even when she had a gun pointed at her. Enola grows up a lot during her tough experience, and shows maturity (sometimes a little bit of immaturity), determination, and self-esteem. She recognizes herself as a detective even at a young age, and knows she is in charge of her life, which was not often the case in those days.


Early Life[]

Enola was raised by her single mother, Eudoria until she turned sixteen. From her mother, she learned a mix of knowledge in literature, science to martial arts and all forms of combats that would ready her in life.

Enola Holmes (film) Plot[]

On Enola's sixteenth birthday, she awakes to discover her mother, Eudoria is missing. Enola's brothers, Mycroft and Sherlock, arrive at their home to investigate the disappearance, and conclude that she left on her own. With Eudoria absent, Mycroft insists on sending Enola to boarding school in spite of Enola's pleas to the contrary. Sherlock stated it was not his responsibility to educate her, but was left astonished when Enola said he had allowed Mycroft to be cruel to their mother. Enola decides to run away, using some parting gifts her mother had left for her.

Enola meets Tewkesbury

On the train to London, Enola met Viscount Tewkesbury, who was hiding in her carriage.

On a train, Enola is shocked when a young man get out of a suitcase in her carriage. He introduces himself as Viscount Tewkesbury, the Marquess of Basilwether, and says he has run away from home. He is being followed by a man in a bowler hat, and asks for Enola to help him hide. She initially refuses, but is forced to intervene when the man attempts to kill Tewkesbury. They manage to escape by jumping off the train. The two continue on to London together, but Enola insists they separate as soon as they reach the city.

Enola in dress

In order to blend in with society, Enola purchased a fine dress.

When Enola gets to London, she buys a new dress and rents a small room. She began the next phase of her plan, hiding ciphers in the newspapers for her mother to see. She visits a tea shop her mother usually addressed letters to, and meets an acquaintance of her mother's woman named Edith. Edith calls herself as Enola's first teacher, and attacks her, only to be thrown by Enola. Edith says Eudoria did not want to be found and refuses to help her. However, Enola recognizes Edith from her mother's meetings and remembers the name Ellie Houseman.

Enola sets building on fire

Enola set a building on fire in order to escape from the bowler hat man who was after Tewkesbury.

Enola eventually realizes that Ellie Houseman is an anagram for Limehouse Lane. There, she discovers flyers, gun powder, and letters of protest, all of which she found to be intended for explosions throughout the city. She realised Sherlock and Mycroft were right about her mother being dangerous. As she leaves the warehouse, she is attacked with the bowler hat, who demands to know Tewkesbury's location and then attempts to drown her. A scuffle ensues, but Enola manages to escape after setting off the powder.

She continues her investigation by visiting Basilwether Hall, Tewkesbury's family home. She attempts to gain entry by pretending she is Sherlock Holmes' assistant. This is contradicted by Inspector Lestrade, and the ensuing argument causes both of them to be ejected from the house. Outside, a worker tells Enola that Tewkesbury would often hide in the woods. Enola finds Tewkesbury's treehouse, and discovers that a branch that had nearly killed him had been intentionally cut. She is interrupted by the marquess' grandmother, who asks her to leave but asks Enola to send her grandson her regards.

Enola, concerned for Tewkesbury's safety, returns to London to find him. She takes him back to her rooms, and warns him that someone is attempting to kill him for his title and money. Lestrade interrupts them, and attempts to take them into custody. After a brief chase, Enola convinces Tewkesbury to leave as she was caught by Lestrade. He turns her over to Mycroft, who sends her to boarding school.

Enola lectured by Ms

Due to her bad behaviour, Enola was lectured by Ms. Harrison on what should and should not be done.

At the school, Enola struggles to meet expectations, which led her to be talked to by Miss Harrison. Miss Harrison reveals that she knew Enola's mother, who was "challenging" and only cared for her ideas. One day, Sherlock visits Enola. He admits he has not found their mother, and congratulated her on becoming a good detective. He also gave her Dash, who Eudoria had kept all those years. Afterwards, Enola receives a package supposedly sent by Mycroft. However, the package turned out to be Tewkesbury, who helps her escape. Enola convinces Tewkesbury that his uncle had murdered his father, and that they have to go to Basilwether Hall to confront him.

Enola checks on Tewkesbury

After being shot by his own grandmother, Enola checked on Tewkesbury, hoping he would be alive.

When they arrive, they are attacked by the man in the bowler hat with a shotgun. He overpowers both of them and started choking Tewkesbury. However, Enola successfully trips him, causing him to hit his head. Tewkesbury's grandmother enters, and reveals that she was behind the assassination attempts to prevent her liberal grandson from taking a seat in the House of Lords. She shoots Tewkesbury, and only fails to shoot Enola when she runs out of bullets. However, Tewkesbury survives thanks to a concealed piece of armor he was wearing.

On the day of the vote, Enola visits Tewkesbury. She reveals she was living somewhere else now thanks to the reward money for finding the marquess, and gently refuses Tewkesbury's offer to stay at his home. She tells him they will see each other again. Picking up the newspaper, Enola finds a message from her mother, which she deciphered, telling her to meet her at the Royal Academy. However, some inconsistencies in the message lead her to believe it is a trap from Sherlock, which is confirmed when she arrives at the meeting.

Eudoria kisses Enola

Enola was happy to see her mother again, but sad to know she would not be able to stay.

However, when she arrives home, she finds her mother waiting for her. Eudoria apologizes, saying she wanted to tell Enola where she was going, but it would not be safe. She said she left because of Enola for the world in its current state be in her future. She congratulates Enola on what she did for the reform bill and the woman she had become. The two hug, and Eudoria says if she ever needs her, she would always be looking at the newspapers. Enola concludes that she must find her own path and decides to become a detective.

Enola Holmes 2 (Netflix film)[]

Enola creates her own detective agency but finds out the harsh realities of life. She is approached by Bessie Chapman to find her sister, Sarah Chapman who went missing. Enola goes undercover and helps Bessie. She later crosses paths with a drunk Sherlock who after he sobers up finds out she is investigating a case. When Enola was framed for murdering another girl named Mae, Sherlock helped her out in the most unorthodox way of enlisting Edith and his mother for help.

Sherlock realized that his case intertwined with Enola's case. They worked together to bring down the criminals. Sherlock offered Enola a chance to work with him in his detective agency, but Enola declined as she thought that she would be living too much in her brother's shadow. Enola did find a flat mate for her brother to help him with rent and checking up on him when she couldn't. Enola is last seen living with Edith and continuing her detective agency while helping Edith run her secret martial arts club.

Enola in The Enola Holmes Mysteries[]

In the Enola Holmes series of mystery novels by Nancy Springer. She is the fourteen-year-old sister of Sherlock Holmes, who is twenty years her senior, and Mycroft Holmes.

After fleeing to London to search for her mother and avoid being sent to finishing school, Enola settles down and opens a business under the pseudonym "Dr Leslie T. Ragostin." Throughout the series, Enola solves several mysteries by employing disguises and recalling details using her sketches of those involved in the case. Enola develops affection toward Sherlock after he helps her, but continues to run from her older siblings because she prizes her freedom. Sherlock stops pursuing Enola after realizing the horrors of finishing school, and Enola makes peace with Mycroft after impressing him by solving a case. Enola retains her independence while maintaining her relationship with her brothers.


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  • The Case of the Left-Handed Lady (2007)
  • The Case of the Bizarre Bouquets (2008)
  • The Case of the Peculiar Pink Fan (2008)
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  • Enola Holmes (2020)
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Enola Holmes[]

Enola Holmes 2[]


  • Enola's name was inspired by the town of Enola, Pennsylvania, near where the author grew up. Her name was chosen because it is the word "alone" spelled backwards.[2]