Not to be confused with Eurus Holmes, the Holmes sister in Sherlock.

Enola Eudoria Heddassa Holmes is the daughter of Eudoria Holmes, and sister to Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes. Her mother insisted on naming her Enola. Her mother was supportive, and they have a close relationship, as she barely knew her father or brothers. However, her mother had secrets she kept from Enola, mentioning privacy was the highest virtue.

She is portrayed by Millie Bobby Brown in the film adaptation of the series.[1]


On Enola's sixteenth birthday, she found her mother was missing, leaving Ferndell Hall at some point during the night, but did not return. Her mother left her small gifts which were to be given to her at tea time. Enola left her home to visit her brothers by train, as she was sure Sherlock would have all the answers to her mystery. Upon arriving at the train station, she found her brothers, who had sent her a telegram did not recognise her. Mycroft was confused as to why Enola had not brought the carriage he had sent, only to find he had sent it to the wrong place. They went to Enola's home, where Sherlock concluded her mother had not left due to foul play, and with her full wits about her.

Since Mycroft wanted Enola to go to a boarding school where she would be educated for society, he called a friend of his named Ms. Harrison, headmaster of such a boarding school. While Enola was measured and dressed, Miss Harrison commented she had too much to say about the situation, and that the new clothes would allow her to fit into society. Miss Harrison said Enola would be making many friends, but Enola found them unnecessary, naming her school ridiculous, which won her a slap across the face from the older woman. Enola begged her brothers not to send her to the school, but Mycroft found it was necessary, as she would never find a husband in her current state, which Enola mentioned she did not want. Sherlock stated it was not his responsibility to educate her, but was left astonished when Enola said he had allowed Mycroft to be cruel to their mother.

Enola is joined by Sherlock

As Enola sketched, she was joined by Sherlock, with whom she talked.

As Enola sketched in a field, Sherlock joined her, remembering she used to be shy, bringing a small pinecone wherever she went, which she called Dash. He also remembered she never wore any trousers, but mentioning he could not remember anything else, which Enola was grateful for, as she now found those memories embarrassing. However, Enola was now sad that Sherlock had only come back due to their mother missing.

Thinking back to the presents her mother had given her, Enola found a clue telling her to look in her mother's chrysanthemums. Looking through the paintings, she found money with a message which said: "our future is up to us." She wants to a train station, which surprised Mycroft when it was time to go. At her home, Sherlock is asked not to abandon Enola as he once had.

Enola meets Tewkesbury

On the train to London, Enola met Viscount Tewkesbury, who was hiding in her carriage.

On the train, Enola was shocked to see a young man get out of a suitcase in her carriage. She ordered him to leave, but he ignored her, presenting himself as Viscount Tewkesbury, the Marquess of Basilwether, also stating he had performed a daring escape, only to be told there was a man with a bowler hat searching for him. After leaving the carriage, he promptly returned after seeing the man was looking in every carriage. He asked Enola for help, but she refused, leaving the carriage only to return as she saw the man attempting to kill her new acquaintance. The man started following them only to lose them as they both jumped onto a grass hill.

Enola and the boy thought about making camp, and Tewkesbury told her to start a fire so he could grab mushrooms and other bits of food. Enola told her acquaintance to disguise himself, and they share different family losses and the reasons they left their homes. The two agreed on going to London, but Enola mentioned as soon as they got there, they would go on their separate ways.

Enola in dress

In order to blend in with society, Enola purchased a fine dress.

When Enola got to London, she found she was not quite prepared to face the outside world, also realising that to hide from her brothers effectively, she would have to become something unexpected. She bought herself a dress and asked for a good value lodging house, but found herself in a room with rats inside. She began the next phase of her plan, which was unscrambling a set of letters she asked to advertise on newspapers so her mother might see it. She visited a tea shop her mother usually addressed letters to and found a woman named Edith, who knew who she was. The woman presented herself as her first teacher and attacked her only to be thrown by Enola. Edith mentioned that it was possible Eudoria did not want to be found. Still, Enola recognised her as someone she had seen in one of her mother's meetings, remembering the name Ellie Houseman. Enola asked her what the name meant, but did not receive an answer and was thrown to the floor. Enola attempted to use a move called the corkscrew but failed, reminding Edith that she had never gotten the hang of it.

Enola sets building on fire

Enola set a building on fire in order to escape from the bowler hat man who was after Tewkesbury.

Enola unscrambled the name Ellie Houseman only to find out her mother meant Limehouse Lane. When she got there, she found flyers, gun powder, and letters of protest, all of which she found to be intended for explosions throughout the city. She realised Sherlock and Mycroft were right about her mother being dangerous and having a plan. As she left Limehouse Lane, she was grabbed by the man with the bowler hat, who submerged her face in the water and demanded to know where Tewkesbury was. Enola pretended she did know who she was before admitting they were not together. The man was disappointed and mentioned Enola had now seen his face, so he forced her head underwater until Enola stopped moving, which turned out to be part of a trick. This allowed Enola to escape momentarily before hand-to-hand combat ensued. Enola once again tried using the corkscrew but to no avail. In the end, Enola managed to escape by setting light to some powder, which led to a bigger explosion, but realised she would have to find and help Tewkesbury.

In order to hide, Enola disguised herself as a widow and arrived at Basilwether Hall, Tewkesbury's family home. When asked what she wanted, she mentioned she was a detective but was dismissed by Tewkesbury's uncle until she said she worked for Sherlock Holmes and was his assistant. She was interrupted by Inspector Lestrade, who mentioned she did not know Sherlock Holmes, as Sherlock was a close friend of his. The argument caused both of them to be asked to leave. Outside, Enola asked where Tewksbury could be and was told by a worker that he could be in the woods.

Enola looks for clues

Enola searched for clues in order to find Tewkesbury and save him.

Enola went to the woods where she found Tewkesbury's treehouse. While up there, she found notes he had written in which he wrote false plans, so people would look for him where he led them to. Wondering what his real intent was, she looked around for clues but was interrupted by the young marquess' grandmother, who treated her to a walk and asked her to leave afterwards, lest she is arrested. She also requested Enola to tell Tewkesbury that she cared for him.

Enola finds Tewkesbury selling flowers, finding he went to London because he wanted to be lost there, and wondered if she was there because of the reward they were offering for seeing him. Still, she told him she had grown to like him in his absence and worried his life was in danger. They left and went to the room she was renting to hide. There, Enola agonised over the message she had sent to be deciphered on the newspaper, which made Tewkesbury feel pity for her. Enola pointed out Tewkesbury was being chased after his money and title just like his father had and mentioned the brach that had almost fallen on top of him had been cut. They were interrupted by Lestrade, who Enola hit in the face with a teapot. After a brief chase, Enola convinced Tewkesbury to leave as she was caught by Lestrade, who took him to Mycroft. Enola was taken to the boarding school, where Ms Harrison was waiting for her.

Enola lectured by Ms. Harrison

Due to her bad behaviour, Enola was lectured by Ms. Harrison on what should and should not be done.

At the boarding school, Enola did not meet expectations in regards to her behaviour and performance, which led her to be talked to by Ms Harrison, who revealed she knew her mother. Ms Harrison mentioned Eudoria was "challenging" and only cared for her ideas. One day, Sherlock visited Enola. He told her he had not found their mother and congratulated her on becoming a good detective. He also gave her Dash, who Eudoria had kept all those years. Afterwards, Enola received a package supposedly sent by Mycroft. However, the package turned out to be Tewkesbury, who tried to help her escape. Enola hid in the box Tewkesbury had come in and ultimately managed to escape. After leaving, Enola figured out Tewkesbury's uncle had murdered his father, so she decided to go to Basilwether.

Enola checks on Tewkesbury

After being shot by his own grandmother, Enola checked on Tewkesbury, hoping he would be alive.

When they arrived, they were met with gunshots fired by the man with the bowler hat. Enola and Tewkesbury tried getting a jump on him, but he overpowered both of them and started choking Tewkesbury. On the floor, Enola heard her mother telling her she was not alone. She dragged herself to the man and performed a successful corkscrew move on him, which caused him to hit his head. Asking him, who he worked for, the man died after saying "England." Hearing footsteps nearing, Tewkesbury figured out they belonged to his grandmother, who realised she needed to do things herself, as the man with the bowler hat had not served her well. She pointed at Tewkesbury and apologised for her actions, but justified them by saying it was for the future of England before shooting her grandson in the chest. As she tried to shoot Enola, the bullets ran out, and so the young woman went to check on her friend. While grabbing his hand, she felt Tewkesbury wrap his fingers through her hand and revealed he was wearing armour. After hugging, the two got up, with Tewkesbury declaring her grandmother's time to be finished.

On the day of the vote, Enola visited Tewkesbury. She revealed she was living somewhere else now that she had the reward money the young marquess' mother was offering, but Tewkesbury offered her to stay at his home, which she kindly refused. Asking how he would see her again, Enola told him it would not be the last time they saw each other. Picking up the newspaper, Enola saw a clue, which she deciphered, telling her to meet her at the Royal Academy. Enola found it odd it was signed "mother" and not "chrysanthemum", and also found the location weird, as the Royal Academy only accepted men. This led Enola to conclude it was Sherlock's doing.

Eudoria kisses Enola

Enola was happy to see her mother again, but sad to know she would not be able to stay.

At the Royal Academy, Enola watched her brothers pass by the newspaper stand she was at and went back for Dash before going home, where she saw her mother, who said she could not stay long. Eudoria apologised, saying she wanted to tell Enola where she was going, but it would not be safe. She said she left because of Enola for the world in its current state be in her future. She congratulated Enola on what she did for the reform bill and the woman she had become. The two hugged, and Eudoria told her if she ever needed her, she would always be looking at the newspapers.

Enola concluded that she must find her path, and believed to have done so as a detective and finder of lost souls, while also acknowledging her life as her own.


Enola is a young, determined girl who began confused as to why her mother had left. She had been brought up differently to how most girls grew up during that time, and liked defending herself and what she believed in, which was not well seen by people like her own brother, Mycroft. During the film, we can see that Enola is smart, able to solve mysteries faster than her famous older brother, Sherlock and capable of defending herself, while helping others in the process, such as Tewkesbury. She is caring and passionate, willing to take on big risks for people she holds close to her, like jumping out of a train and advancing towards Dowager Lady Basilwether even when she had a gun pointed at her. Enola grows up a lot during her tough experience, and shows maturity, determination, and self-esteem. She recognizes herself as a detective even at a young age, and knows she is in charge of her life, which was not often the case in those days.

Enola in The Enola Holmes Mysteries

Here, Enola is the lead character in the Enola Holmes series of mystery novels by Nancy Springer. She is the fourteen-year-old sister of Sherlock Holmes, who is twenty years her senior, and Mycroft Holmes.

Enola escapes to London following the disappearance of her mother Eudoria, avoiding Mycroft's plans to send her to finishing school. She settles down and opens a business using the pseudonym "Dr Leslie T. Ragostin." Throughout the series, Enola solves several mysteries by employing disguises and recalling details using her sketches of those involved in the case. Enola develops affection toward Sherlock after he helps her, but continues to run from her older siblings because she prizes her freedom. Sherlock stops pursuing Enola after realizing the horrors of finishing school, and Enola makes peace with Mycroft after impressing him by solving a case. Enola retains her independence while maintaining her relationship with her brothers.


  • The Case of the Missing Marquess (2006)
  • The Case of the Left-Handed Lady (2007)
  • The Case of the Bizarre Bouquets (2008)
  • The Case of the Peculiar Pink Fan (2008)
  • The Case of the Cryptic Crinoline (2009)
  • The Case of the Gypsy Goodbye (2010)
  • Enola Holmes (2020)


  • Enola's name was inspired by the town of Enola, Pennsylvania, near where the author grew up. Her name was chosen because it is the word "alone" spelled backwards.[2]


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