Fly into a Rage, Make a Bad Landing

Season 5, Episode 21

Air Date 30th April, 2017
Writer Bob Goodman
Director Guy Ferland
Previous The Art of Sleights and Deception
Next Moving Targets
Fly into a Rage, Make a Bad Landing is the twenty first episode of season five of Elementary. It first aired on CBS on the 30th April, 2017.


When Detective Bell's girlfriend, Chantal, is assaulted and her ex-husband is killed soon after, in what Holmes and Watson discover is a staged suicide, they search for one suspect behind the linked crimes. Also, as Bell fights the urge to seek his own brand of justice for Chantal, Sherlock makes a heartbreaking realization about the detective's past.


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  • Chasten Harmon - Chantal Milner
  • Danny Burstein - Ted Winthrop
  • Michael Berresse - Ardy Gulbenkian
  • Olek Krupa - Fyodor Ukhov
  • Kelly Deadmon - Lara Ukhov
  • Delaney Williams - Joseph Tommolino
  • Robert Christopher Riley - Roy Booker
  • Marnie Schulenburg - Maureen
  • Gregory Haney - Stylist
  • Jude Tibeau - Uniform Officer
  • Jenelle Chu - Receptionist

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