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Folie à Deux is the first episode of season five of Elementary. It first aired on CBS on the 2nd October, 2016.


When a serial bomber becomes active again after being dormant for six years, Watson seeks help from Shinwell Johnson, a former patient whose life she saved when she was a surgeon. Also, Holmes senses Watson is unhappy and questions whether she is still fulfilled by her detective career.


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  • Matthew Del Negro - Nathan Resor
  • Lorenzo Pisoni - Gardner
  • Lee Tergesen - Cray Fielder
  • Jacob Alexander - Tom
  • Simon Belz - Kid
  • Irungu Mutu - Taxi Driver
  • Antonio Edwards Suarez - Sedan Driver
  • Leopold Manswell - Punk Boxer
  • Bianca Amato - Brenda Resor

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