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Fred Porlock (フレッド・ポーロック, Fureddo Pōrokku) is one of Moriarty's affiliates and a supporting character in Moriarty the Patriot. He is based on Fred Porlock a less seen character from the canon, who was only referenced in The Valley of Fear.


During the incident with Lucien, Moriarty calls in Fred. Skilled in disguise, Fred helps him find Lucien and then pretends to be the deceased woman to corner the criminal and make him confess and then punish him.

Listening to William's plan on how they will create crime in London and will be dealing with aristocrats, Fred remains closer to William and starts helping him out carry his plan on making the country a better place.


Fred has jet black hair, pale skin and grey eyes. His build is slim yet slightly muscular and he has bandages wrapped around both his forearms ending just before his wrists.

He is usually seen wearing a long-sleeved white dress shirt with blue rectangle cufflinks tucked into navy blue pants, which are held up by Y-back suspenders. He wears a black coat over his shirt and has a light blue scarf around his neck that can double as a hood.

Has a pen and notebook tucked into the breast pocket of his shirt, which he uses to gather information when looking for crimes related to nobles.


Fred is rather quiet and 'unsociable' as Moran calls him when he first appears in The Dancers On The Bridge. He rarely talks unless prompted, except when reporting or adding a comment to an ongoing conversation or event.

Despite seeming withdrawn, he is a gentle and kind person at heart, shown when he heard about the children in The Hunting Of The Baskervilles, and expressed a strong desire to save them. Moran says that he is the only one among the group who is similar to William, in that both are unable to leave someone in need alone.


Fred is extremely adept at combat, being able to use different types of weapons (gun, knife, hunting rifle), and practices martial arts (shown when he was being chased by Sherlock, using kicks and punches against him, then flipping him over when grabbed). He is agile and has a good sense of balance (being able to jump from carriage to carriage, up the alley walls to the roof and roof-hopping).

He is also good at making convincing disguises, dressing up as Frida in The Dancers On The Bridge, the murdered man in The Noahtic and an old lady in A Study In 'S'.

Is mainly the person spying and reporting to Moriarty, and collecting information.


  • This marks the first time the character has ever physically appeared in any visual Sherlock Holmes media.


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