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George Akin Lusk was a British builder specializing in music hall restoration. He was chairman of the Whitechapel Vigilance Committee during the Jack the Ripper killings in 1888. He appears in Dust and Shadow, where he provides assistance to Holmes.

Dust and Shadow[]

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson visit Lusk at his home in Mile End after the September 8th murder of Annie Chapman in Hanbury Street. Holmes introduces Lusk as a music-hall renovator for whom he once performed some small services regarding a group of suspicious lumbermen. Upon arriving, they learn that Lusk's wife Susannah has recently died, but Lusk nevertheless receives them cheerfully. Holmes informs Lusk of the most recent murder, and asks him to form a committee to patrol Whitechapel. Lusk readily agrees, particularly given his dislike of Sir Charles Warren and the regular police.

After the double-murder of Elizabeth Stride and Catherine Eddows on September 30th, Lusk writes to the Queen asking her to offer a reward for the killer's capture. He also writes to Holmes, who was injured attempting to stop the killer. Both Holmes and his brother Mycroft consider the idea of a reward terrible, arguing that it will only inflame the situation

Lusk later sends word to Holmes that riots are breaking out across the East End due to the police's failure to capture the man responsible.

Holmes eventually considers it too dangerous for Mary Ann Monk to continue living in Whitechapel while investigating for him, and sends her to stay with Lusk for a while as a nanny for his children.

On October 16th, Lusk receives a letter addressed "From Hell" and accompanied by half a kidney, allegedly from one of the victims. He immediately sends for Holmes and Watson. Lusk tries to reason that the letter is a prank given the widespread knowledge that the killer took a kidney from Catherine Eddows, but Holmes disputes that it is genuine.

Once Holmes realizes that the killer is likely a member of the police who is aware of the regular beats in Whitechapel, he wires Lusk to increase his patrols in the fear the killer will strike again on the night of November 8th. In spite of his efforts, Holmes is later unfortunately proved correct with the discovery of the body of Mary Jane Kelly the next morning.

At the conclusion of the case, Miss Monk's ordeal at the hands of Edward Bennett leaves her memory affected. Holmes again arranges for Miss Monk to stay in Lusk's spare room while she recovers, out of guilt over involving her further in the case.

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