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"Yes, 'The Adventures of Herlock Sholmes' written by Iris."
―Susato Mikotoba on Herlock Sholmes

Herlock Sholmes was a legendary, yet mysterious English consulting detective, known for his rapid-fire deductive reasoning. He primarily lived with the young Iris Wilson, who adapted his exploits into publications. Ryunosuke Naruhodo and Susato Mikotoba, a defense attorney and his judicial assistant, would later join Sholmes, living as tennants, and working out of his attic.

Sholmes owned and played a Stradivarius violin, which was purchased it for 55 shilling, as the seller did not know the instrument's value.


  • Herlock Sholmes is an anagram of Sherlock Holmes, the famous detective in which Herlock Sholmes both takes after, and is written to match. The reason behind the naming is because, while in Japan the character is named Sherlock Holmes and Holmes himself is public domain, some aspects of The Great Ace Attorney adapt or reference stories from the Holmes canon that were not yet in the United States public domain at the time the games were released in English.
  • Unlike most other incarnations of Sherlock Holmes, this incarnation frequently makes incorrect deductions, that stray wildly from the truth. However, this is later revealed to be a farce, used to train Ryunosuke Naruhodo on improving his deduction ability. Many of the false deductions he makes are references to the original The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.
    • Notably, when he works together with Yujin Mikotoba, his Watson, he drops the facade and begins making correct deductions immediately.
  • Sholmes can often be found in strange positions around the crime scene, such as using a coat hook to lift his body to apparently analyze how heavy a tiara worth "Twenty thousand roubles" felt on his head.
    • It is notable that many of these positions have strong connections to key pieces of evidence, like examining a gas lamp that was the source of a poisoning, or a window that a knife fell from, both long before the evidence is revealed to the player.
  • Sholmes lives with and acts as a father figure for Iris Wilson, a ten year old child prodigy, who penned The Adventures of Herlock Sholmes, this universe's equivalent to The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Her publications were published by the Randst Magazine, this universe's equivalent to the The Strand Magazine.