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"Hieracium Snowdoniense" is the sixth episode of season one of The Irregulars. It first aired on Netflix on 26 March 2021.


Bea suspects a spate of stolen body parts links to an old case. Jessie approaches Sherlock about her nightmares. Leo makes a stand for his future.


Bea and Leo are trailing Dr Watson, hoping to learn more about his involvement with the Rip. They follow him to a hospital, where discover a number of people with missing body parts and the wounds supernaturally healed. Bea realizes this is the same pattern as in Sherlock’s last case, that of the “Collector”, which he never solved.

Leo tells everyone what he thinks

Leo told everybody he believed

Back in the Duck and Quiver’s cellar, the group meets about the case. Leo suggests that someone is using the stolen organs to build a new person. The culprit had lost their abilities when Bea’s mother closed the Rip the first time, but has now begun their task again. Billy is agitated and doesn’t want to get involved, but Bea insists they have to solve this case in order to find the Rip. Their only other option is for Jessie to find it in her nightmares, but Jessie refuses out of fear. Bea suggests they pick up where Sherlock left off on the case. The only clue he had was the mixture of Snowdonia hawkweed found at the scene of the crime. Remembering that Holmes had sent Watson to a botanist named Edith Dubois to find out more about the rare plant, she asks Leo to find Dubois’ address. This seems to anger Billy, who storms off, as does Jessie, who is upset with the group for trying to cajole her into finding the Rip herself.

Bea tells Billy she knows about his visit

Bea told Billy she knew that he had visited Vic Collins.

Bea follows Billy, and reveals that she knows he met with Vic Collins. Billy explains that Collins told him the truth about his parents. He tells Bea that wants to hurt Collins for what he did to her, but Bea convinces him to let go of his plans for revenge by saying the group needs him. Meanwhile, Leo is heading for the records office when he sees a royal servant. He ducks into a pub to avoid him, but finds himself face-to-face with Daimler. Daimler tries to convince Leo to return to the palace. However, Leo realizes Daimler has not yet told the Queen about his escape and blackmails him into letting him stay by threatening to have him fired for negligence.

Bea, Billy, Spike, and Leo visit Edith Dubois’ house and find it abandoned. It has also been partially ransacked, presumably by Watson. Bea finds photographs of Mrs Dubois with her sickly husband, and Billy finds the botanist’s journal. It describes how, faced with her husband’s imminent death, Dubois planned to put him into a coma and somehow rebuild him. They realize Edith must be the Collector. They wonder what Watson was so desperate to find in Dubois’ house, and why he lied to Holmes about the hawkweed being a dead end. Given that hawkweed requires such specific conditions to grow, it could only conceivably grow in the botanical gardens, so the group heads there to investigate.

Jessie tells Sherlock she wants to decipher dreams

Jessie told Sherlock that she wanted help deciphering her dreams.

Sherlock returns to 221B, where he finds Jessie waiting for him. She wants his help in deciphering her nightmares. She tells him about the dark, bone-filled caverns in her dreams, and Sherlock recognizes the dark figures that stalk her as Medieval plague doctors. He tells her she is probably looking for a plague pit, a mass grave for victims of the Black Death. While he is initially reluctant to help further, Jessie eventually convinces him to help her locate the specific pit. He suggests that the repeated word “circle” she hears in her dreams may refer to the circular reading room in the London Library. As they head to the site, Holmes reminisces about his past and tells Jessie to value her friends. However, library proves to be a dud, much to Holmes’ frustration.

Watson held by Edith

Watson was held hostage by Edith.

At the botanical gardens, Bea and her friends break into the head botanists’ nursery. There, they find Dubois attending to the corpse of her husband, Samuel. She reveals that her work is complete, and gloats about her powers over life. However, when she injects the serum into her husband to revive him, it fails. Edith muses that the illness must have spread to his organs, and that she needs more body parts. Bea tries to convince her to tell them more about Watson and the Rip. She even offers not to turn Edith over to the police in exchange for information over Spike and Billy’s protests that Edith will go right back to harvesting body parts if she remains free. When Edith realizes that Bea actually hates Watson, she reveals that she has him locked in a back room.

Edith tells the group that after medicine failed to cure her husband, she turned to the occult. In a flashback to fifteen years earlier, Holmes hosts a discussion about contacting the dead with some members of the Golden Dawn. Watson is upset when Holmes dismisses him as not having aptitude for the field. Edith Dubois arrives, looking for Holmes. Watson initially dismisses her, but becomes interested when she reveals she has acquired a relic that allows one to reach the “other side”. He goes to her house, where he convinces her to let him borrow the device. She warns Watson that she heard using the device was dangerous, but he dismisses her.

Watson, of course, had no intention of using the device to help Edith, and instead takes it to the Tyburn Gallows site, where he uses it to open a Rip. Several weeks later, Edith acquires her powers from the Rip, and crafts her plan to save her husband. Watson visits her some months later after Holmes begins investigating the “Collector”. He tells her that he knows she is behind the limb thefts. However, Edith turns the tables on him by revealing she knows that Watson opened the Rip using her device. She threatens to tell Holmes about Watson's involvement if he does not cover up her crimes by lying to Holmes about the hawkweed.

Bea mad at Watson

Bea was angry when she found out Watson was behind the rip all along.

In the present, Bea is outraged to find out that Watson was behind the rip that killed her mother all along. Watson tries to apologize, but swears that he is not behind the current Rip. He threw Edith’s device into the Thames after opening the Rip the first time. However, the discussion is interrupted by Edith. She threatens to break a vial of a toxic chemical if any of them move, which will kill them all.

Back on Baker Street, Holmes refuses to help Jessie any further, seeing his failure at the library as a humiliation. He warns Jessie to get off the streets, because as the Rip widens the violence and disorder will grow. At Jessie’s prodding, he admits that he is not the same man he was, and that he lost his legendary abilities. Jessie accuses him of being afraid, but he turns it back on her and mocks her for being too afraid to stay in her nightmares where she could easily find all the answers to her questions. Jessie is upset that the won’t stand by her, but Holmes locks himself in 221B as gunshots go off down the street.

At the botanical gardens, Edith reveals that she plans to use Watson to harvest the missing organs she needs to revive her husband. However, as she prepares to smash the vial and kill them all, her husband suddenly revives. Edith sets down the bottle and rushes to his side. To her surprise, Samuel is angry about Edith’s experiments on him for the last fifteen years, as he only wanted to die. He grabs her by the throat and begins choking her. The group considers whether to leave Watson to his fate, but ultimately free him and escape as Samuel strangles his wife. After killing Edith, Samuel drinks the vial of poison to kill himself permanently.

Linen Man tells Jessie he would be arriving soon

The Linen Man told Jessie that he would be arriving in London soon.

Jessie meets with the Linen Man in her dreams. He reveals that he will arrive in London in only a few hours. Jessie tells him that she feels disconnected from her friends, who keep trying to force her to go deeper into her nightmares. The Linen Man sympathizes, telling her that her friends can’t understand her. However, Jessie says that Bea is the only one who still understands her.

Bea and her friends meet to discuss the situation. Without any leads from Watson, and with the situation in the city deteriorating, they agree they have to get Jessie to find the Rip on her own. Bea looks for Jessie in the cellar, but instead finds Daimler. He tells her the truth about Leo’s identity. Bea confronts Leo about the revelation, and how he has been lying to the group since they met. She tells him that he put them all in danger for his folly. Leo tries to explain that he just wanted their friendship, but Bea rejects his apology and tells him he was just using them. She tells him to leave and never come back. Defeated, Leo returns to the palace.

Billy kills Vic

Billy killed Vic when he challenged him.

On the street, Billy and Spike notice a strange lack of people due to recent events. Billy apologizes for his behavior towards Spike the other night. Unfortunately, Vic Collins appears after Spike leaves, and tries to provoke Billy into fighting him. Billy tries to walk away, but Collins instead begins beating him with his cane. Collins reveals that he named Billy, and tells him that he made Billy strong so that he could survive. He finally provokes Billy into punching him, but Billy knocks Collins into a pile of bricks and accidentally kills him. A bystanders calls the police and Billy is arrested.

Back in the Duck and Quiver’s cellar, Jessie explains to Bea that Sherlock has changed and that he won’t help them. Bea tells Jessie that their only option to find the Rip now is for Jessie to enter her nightmares. Jessie is upset that Bea would ask that of her, but Bea says Jessie needs to grow up because she’s the only one who can solve the problem. Thinking that the Linen Man was right about her friends not understanding, Jessie storms out.

Jessie arrives at the docks to meet the Linen Man, only to find the scene of a massacre. The Linen Man calls her over, and asks her where the Rip is. When Jessie tells him that she has not found the exact location, he criticizes her for being too weak and tells her that he will take the lead from here. She suggests that they can work together to close it, but tells a surprised Jessie that he has no intention of closing it. The Linen Man removes the moth that allows Jessie to escape her nightmares from her arm, then uses his magic to put the horrified girl to sleep, trapping her in the nightmare.


Main cast[]

Guest stars[]

  • Anna Maxwell Martin as Edith Dubois
  • Alex Ferns as Vic Collins
  • Tom Godwin as the Jigsaw Man/Samuel Dubois
  • Edward Hogg as Daimler


  • Hieracium snowdoniense is the scientific name of the Snowdonia hawkweed.
  • Daimler’s line “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life” is a quote from the 18th-century English writer Samuel Johnson.