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Ill Tidings is the sixth episode of season five of Elementary. It first aired on CBS on the 13th November, 2016.


Holmes and Watson investigate a mass murder when a chef and his patrons are poisoned after dining on a tasting menu tainted with snake venom. Also, Detective Bell's crush on a work colleague makes Holmes realize his and Fiona's relationship is at an important crossroads.


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  • Betty Gilpin - Fiona Helbron


  • Chasten Harmon - Chantal Milner
  • Elizabeth Ward Land - Lillian Dunbar
  • David Aaron Baker - Joe Leshner
  • Holly Chou - Erin
  • Julian Acosta - Mateo Lima
  • Stephen Chacon - Dishwasher
  • Graham Rowat - Defense Attorney
  • Yassmin Alers - Camila Marquez
  • Katie Kreisler - Sydney Shea
  • Sendhil Ramamurthy - Ajit Dalal
  • Tyrone Mitchell Henderson - Security Guard

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