Irene Adler's home
Location in Sherlock (2010)
Vital statistics
Location Belgravia
Appearances "A Scandal in Belgravia"

Irene Adler's residence is the home of Irene Adler and Kate, and is located in Belgravia – an exclusive residential district in central London. It was visited by Sherlock Holmes and John Watson in an attempt to retrieve compromising details from Ms Adler, moments before being invaded by the CIA.[1]


After convincing John to punch him in the face, Sherlock uses his injuries as a way to get into Ms Adler's home, pretending to be terrified and hoping to call the police. Kate answers the door, however both women know who the men are but allow them to enter, as Ms Adler had been expecting a visit from Sherlock.

Sherlock is shown to a sitting room to wait as Ms Adler comes to greet him. She's wearing no clothes at all, immediately throwing Sherlock off his game.

After humouring Ms Adler as she asks for information on a case that he is currently investigating, Sherlock discovers that the photographs are in the room, and as John sets off the smoke alarm, Irene looks to the mirror on the wall, indicating where the photographs are hidden. Just then, three American agents storm the house. They knock out Kate and hold Irene and John at gunpoint, forcing Sherlock to open the safe. He realises that it's booby trapped and manages to avoid it. It instead kills one of the agents, and the three manage to overpower the other two before escaping. John finds Kate passed out in Irene's room, and, at her behest, goes to check out the back door. Irene then pulls a syringe on Sherlock, knocking him out. She takes her phone containing the photographs and escapes through a window, leaving Sherlock and John.[1]


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