It Serves You Right to Suffer

Season 5, Episode 9

Air Date 11 December, 2016
Writer Kelly Wheeler
Director Aidan Quinn
Previous How the Sausage Is Made
Next Pick Your Poison
It Serves You Right to Suffer is the ninth episode of season five of Elementary. It first aired on CBS on the 11th December, 2016.


When Shinwell comes to Holmes and Watson for help after he's framed for a gang killing, they have three days to find the real murderer before he is arrested and sent back to jail.


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  • Debi Mazar - Detective Cosa
  • Dorian Missick - Agent Whitlock
  • Susan Blommaert - Dr. Xanthopoulos
  • Jeremy Burnett - Duane
  • Ruffin Prentiss - Tall Boy

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