"Why did Bluebell have to die, Dr Stapleton?"
Sherlock Holmes [src]

Dr Jacqui Stapleton is a genetic scientist who appears in "The Hounds of Baskerville" where she is working at Baskerville Military Base near Dartmoor. She has a daughter (Kirsty) who contacted Sherlock Holmes when her rabbit went missing from a secure cage. It later turns out that Jacqui stole the rabbit as it was one of the research bases test subjects – it had been genetically engineered so that it glowed in the dark.

Jacqui was reluctant to tell Sherlock exactly what research she and the other researches undertook and mentioned she had signed the National Secrecy Act. When Sherlock pretends to outrank her, he had assumed the identity of Mycroft Holmes in order to get in, she says that they do a little of everything – if you can think of it, they're doing it.

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