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John: "You mean Mycroft?"
Janine: "Do people actually call him that?"
―John and Janine[src]

Janine Hawkins was the personal assistant of the late Charles Augustus Magnussen.


Janine Hawkins was Mary Watson's maid of honour at her wedding to John Watson in May, 2013. It was there that she met Sherlock Holmes, who was the best man. She jokingly hinted that because they were bridesmaid and best man, it would be true to tradition if they had sex. He revealed to her that he secretly loved dancing and always had, though they never actually got to dance at the wedding, aside from the lesson he gave her.[1]

Sherlock and Janine began a short relationship, one which ended badly when it was revealed that Sherlock was simply using her to get access to Magnussen's office, going so far as to propose to her. She referred to the brothers as 'Sherl' and 'Mike', in a manner which confused John Watson who had seemingly never considered the possibility of abbreviations or nicknames in these cases. As revenge for Sherlock's perfidy, Janine sold her story to the newspapers, telling of her and Sherlock's relationship and their sex life – when in reality they never had sex. With the money she got from this, Janine bought a cottage in Sussex with beehives – which Janine planned to have removed. Despite the dramatic end to their relationship, Janine and Sherlock seemed to have little animosity between them when she visited him in hospital. Sherlock also suspected that much like himself, Mary had befriended Janine so that she could get in touch with Magnussen, whom Mary wanted to kill. Sherlock found it very helpful for his cause that he and Janine had met at the wedding.[1]


  • The cottage that Janine tells Sherlock she is buying is a reference to the cottage that Sherlock Holmes retires to keep bees in the original stories.
  • In the original story "The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton", Holmes becomes engaged to Milverton's housemaid, Agatha, to acquire the information he needs. She, however, also has another suitor, whom Holmes feels certain will step straight in the moment he (or rather his cover identity) is no longer around.


  • It is hinted that Janine may have been harassed when working for Charles Augustus Magnussen. When Magnussen flicks John Watson's eye after threatening to tear his life apart, he says that he did the same to Janine and she made the 'funniest noises'.



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