Jeanette is a teacher whom Dr John Watson started a relationship with during his second year of tenancy with Sherlock Holmes.[1]

Jeannette attended the Christmas party at 221B Baker Street with John, Sherlock, Molly Hooper, Mrs Hudson and DI Greg Lestrade. When introduced at the party, Sherlock appeared not to remember her and cycled through all of John's recent girlfriends to find out hers through the process of elimination. He revealed she was a teacher, referring to her as "boring" by an apparent mistake.

After the fake death of Irene Adler, John was instructed by Mycroft Holmes to keep an eye on Sherlock that night due to fears he might relapse due to grief. John was therefore forced to cancel his date with Jeanette to look after Sherlock. This upset her as she felt he was always putting Sherlock first. She also mentioned that her friends did not think that he was a particularly good boyfriend. Jeanette broke up with John that night after he confused her with one of his previous girlfriends.


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