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Jessie Cook is an English teenager who was contacted by John Watson in order for her to solve paranormal mysteries along with her friends. She is an ipsissimus and can enter people's minds.


In Victorian London, half-sisters Bea and Jessie live with their friends Billy and Spike in the cellar of a pub called the Duck and Quiver. Jessie has nightmares of being trapped in a dark cave with a threatening creature. In the morning, Bea and Jessie acknowledge Bea's 17th birthday before noticing Spike and Billy are missing. Bea goes to search for them. As she steps out, she spots a man watching her from 221B Baker Street. Bea finds the boys at an underground boxing ring, where Billy is preparing for a match. She forces him to leave.

In the cellar of the Duck and Quiver, Bea confronts Billy about his fighting. Billy insists that they need the money to pay for a doctor for Jessie, and to pay back to their landlord, Mrs Hudson, who is threatening to kick them out. Bea becomes upset when Spike suggests they consider the workhouse. During the conversation, Jessie slips out of the cellar and wanders into the street in a trance. She sees a sinister figure in an alley, and runs in front of Leo's carriage, with Bea saving her at the last moment. Daimler gets out and scolds Bea, but she stands up to him, impressing Leo. The carriage drives off as Bea comforts Jessie.

Bea and her friends go to confront the kidnapper. Jessie asks to come, but Bea flatly refuses, and expresses concern for Jessie's health. She leaves angrily with Spike.

Jessie has a nightmare

Jessie had another bad nightmare, but as taken to a man in a white linen suit, who helped her escape.

Back at the Duck and Quiver, Jessie has another nightmare, in which she is grabbed by the throat by the sinister figure. However, the dream dissolves in a swarm of moths, and she finds herself in front of a small cabin in the bayou. A man in a white linen suit approaches. He says that he'd like to help her, and reveals that he brought her there himself. Sensing the dream fading, he tells Jessie that the man her friends are looking for recently got strange powers. The man asks her to find out where Hilton got his powers, and explains that Jessie can enter his mind by touching his arm. Jessie refuses, but the man explains that accepting her abilities is the only way to stop the nightmares. Jessie wakes up, and tells Spike they have to go find the others.

Jessie enters man's mind

Jessie was able to enter Hilton's mind and access her powers.

Bea, Leo, and Billy find Hilton's hideout in the zoo's aviary, but are suspicious when they see no birds in the structure. They confront Hilton, and Bea tries to convince him that his baby is dead. However, he insists that someone swapped out the infant, and summons the birds to attack the group. Jessie and Spike arrive and manage to run inside just as Bea closes the doors. As the birds dive-bombing the windows in an attempt to enter, Jessie runs over to touch Hilton. She enters his memories, and learns that after her death the baby was taken to the morgue without Hilton ever getting the chance to see her. Unable to cope with his grief, he blocked the memory and fell under the delusion that his baby had been stolen. She also witnesses Hilton gain his powers through use of a spirit board. Overcome with the realization of his actions, Hilton breaks down and releases his control over the birds. Billy finds the missing babies upstairs, and Leo runs away.

Still short of money, Bea is arrested for stealing a bracelet and jailed, where she is visited by the Doctor. Despite Bea having decided not to work for him again, she is forced to agree to help him when he threatens to have her sent to the workhouse unless she investigates another case. The Doctor informs her of two bizarre recent incidents where all of a child's teeth were stolen out of their mouths by someone whom the press have dubbed the "Tooth Fairy". He provides her with the victim's addresses, and tells her that a ghostly woman was seen at both locations. Bea tells him that Jessie thinks people are getting strange powers from somewhere, and again asks how her employer knew about Jessie's abilities. However, the Doctor refuses to answer either question.

Billy upset they were working for Watson

Billy was upset they had to keep working for Watson, but Bea told him they did not have a choice.

Back at the Duck and Quiver, Bea convinces Spike to break in to 221B to learn more about the Doctor and what he knows. Meanwhile, she and Billy will investigate the crimes. Jessie insists on coming with them as she is the only one with psychic abilities. Billy is upset that they are working for the Doctor again, but Bea maintains that they have no choice. Meanwhile, Leo has once again managed to escape the palace with the assistance of his sister Louise. He finds the other teens just as they are leaving for the investigation. However, he gets a cold reception. Bea angrily tells him to help Billy with the interviews before storming off. Across town, a young girl who loses a tooth is shocked when she discovers that instead all of her mother's teeth have been removed.

Bea and Jessie investigate

Bea and Jessie investigated sightings in Balham.

Meanwhile, Bea and Jessie investigate the area of the sightings in Balham. Jessie insists they split up in spite of Bea's misgivings. Jessie follows a young boy into a dilapidated building, out front of which is an old dentist's sign. She finds a woman buying something in the yard. Jessie explains that she is investigating the strange occurrences in the area, and the woman invites her inside. They go upstairs, where the woman knocks Jessie out with her breath.

Bea and Jessie tie the Tooth Fairy

Bea and Jessie managed to restrain the Tooth Fairy so Jessie could enter her mind.

In Balham, Bea notices Jessie is missing, and goes searching for her sister. She sees the dentist's sign, and enters just in time to stop the Tooth Fairy from pulling Jessie's teeth. They manage to restrain the woman by tying her to a chair. Bea finds a spirit board and tries to interrogate the woman about her powers, but the woman is unresponsive. Jessie enters the Tooth Fairy's mind, and sees a memory of her attempting to contact her father through the spirit board as she gained her powers. She also witnesses the woman's discovery of her father's body after his suicide. However, the woman then grabs Jessie and drags her into one of Jessie's own traumatic memories of life in the workhouse. Jessie leaves the Tooth Fairy's mind, and tells Bea that she thinks the woman is trying to get revenge on someone she blames for her father's suicide.

Jessie goes to find Leo and Billy, leaving Bea alone to interrogate the Tooth Fairy. The woman tries to convince Bea that the two of them are the same, and insists that if Bea knew her mother had been killed she would act the same way. Outside, Jessie returns with Leo and Billy. They notice a jawbone apparently growing in the dirt. Bea joins them just in time to see a clone of Carla Machin emerge from the dirt and run off with the clone of William Cooper that Jessie saw earlier. Bea realizes the Tooth Fairy is creating clones from the teeth she stole. The group returns upstairs to try and determine the intended victim. Bea remembers that the woman earlier said her father lost everything due to the land under the building, and Leo says that the land belongs to the wealthy Duke of Winchester. He realizes that William Cooper's father, John, must be the duke's bodyguard, while the duke will that same night be sponsoring a gala at the theater where Carla Machin works. They send Billy to go warn the duke.

Bea forced to kill Tooth Fairy

Bea was forced to kill the Tooth Fairy in order to save Billy.

Back in Balham, the Tooth Fairy angrily reacts to the failed assassination and mocks Bea for thinking that she is more moral than her. However, Jessie notices that the third skull that was earlier in the garden has disappeared. Realizing that the danger isn't over, they wonder who the third clone is, and when the Tooth Fairy possesses the clone they are horrified to hear her greet Billy. In the dressing room, the duke's wife suddenly pulls out a knife and stabs him. Billy attempts to disarm her but is soon overpowered and the "duchess" goes to stab him in the throat. To save him, Bea is forced to kill the Tooth Fairy, which immediately kills the clones as well. However, Bea is traumatized by her action.

Back at the Duck and Quiver, Leo decides to spend the night in the cellar with his friends to convince them of his intentions. Jessie, meanwhile, has another nightmare about the dark pit but is once again rescued by the Linen Man just as the masked monster catches her. The Linen Man impresses a moth on Jessie's wrist, and tells her she can use it to escape the nightmares. Jessie tells him that she looked into the Tooth Fairy's mind, and that it felt like a door had been left open, with the power on the other side available to anyone. The Linen Man explains that someone must have torn a hole in the barrier between the material and spirit worlds. He warns that the Rip will widen as more people reach into it for power, until eventually the barrier collapses, ending the world.

Jessie shares this information with the rest of the group, but they realize they will first need to find the Rip before they can think about how to close it. Spike remembers a strange map of London in 221B. He informs the others that the Doctor's name is John Watson, and shows them the letter from the Golden Dawn. Deciding that Watson knows much more than he is telling, they agree to start there.

Group arrives at Mycroft's estate

The group of teenagers all walked together to Mycroft's estate.

The group arrives at Mycroft's estate after a tense morning between Billy and Leo, who did not return to the palace. Bea suggests they use the opportunity to investigate Sherlock as well as the murder. They are greeted by Mycroft's servants, who inform them that while Bea and Jessie will be posing as Mycroft's nieces, the boys will pretend to be servants. A maid shows Bea and Jessie to their rooms, where they dress for the evening. Downstairs, Leo and Billy work in a coal cellar and have another tense exchange around Bea, whom Leo realizes Billy has a crush on.

In the drawing room, Mycroft points out the various suspects to Bea and Jessie. The guests are Alan Crawley, the Golden Dawn's longest-serving member; the novelist R. P. Breakwater; Dion Cross, wife of a cabinet secretary; the engineer Gustav Felkin; and the actress Patricia Colman Jones. Mycroft briefly introduces the girls to the others before sending them out. Mycroft's butler shows them a hidden peephole, where they can keep an eye on the assembly. Crawley proposes voting for the next magus immediately and puts forward his own candidacy. Mycroft agrees to put it to a vote.

Downstairs, Bea and Jessie witness the Golden Dawn's election ceremony, where Gustav Felkin is elected as the new magus. Following the ceremony, they head to bed, where Jessie teases Bea about choosing between Leo and Billy. They are roused by screams from downstairs. They find everyone gathered in the drawing room, where Gustav Felkin has been murdered, with his corpse posed among several swords.

Crawley explains the tarots

Crawley talked to the group, explaining the tarots before finding out Jessie is an ipsissimus.

In the drawing room, Crawley demonstrates the Tarot to Spike and Jessie. He explains that each card has its own power, and attempts a reading. However, Jessie accidentally touches him and reveals that Crawley stole the deck from his dying uncle. Crawley and Dion Cross recognize Jessie as an "ipsissimus", a psychic of exceptional power, and attempt to recruit her. However, Jessie is frightened and runs out of the room. Breakwater goes to look for her, where he runs into Billy, who asks him why he was walking the hallway at the time of the murder. Breakwater agrees to tell him, but makes him promise not to tell anyone else.

Spike looks for Jessie in the attic, and tells Bea and Leo that she is an ipsissimus. Leo finds an entry for ipsissimi in the grimoire, which reveals that one can steal an ipsissimus' power by sacrificing them with dark magic. Bea realizes that the whole meeting is a trap to catch Jessie. Downstairs, Jessie is cornered by Crawley, but manages to get away. Meanwhile, the other four friends look for Jessie. Billy insists Breakwater and Dion are not behind the killings, but Bea is unconvinced. However, they soon find the pair murdered in Dion's room. Bea realizes they were lovers, explaining why Breakwater wouldn't reveal his alibi. Leo explains "The Lovers" means infatuation. Spike also notices that Dion wrote the Roman numeral XV with her foot, corresponding to the card "The Devil". Bea remembers that Mycroft was dressed up as the Devil during the ceremony earlier, and the group rushes to find him. Meanwhile, Jessie hears a woman's voice calling to her, and leaves the house under an enchantment.

Group confronts Mycroft

The group confronted Mycroft when they believed he was the killer.

The group confront Mycroft downstairs, and Bea explains her theory of the crime. Mycroft learned about Jessie's powers from Sherlock and Watson. He killed Wynn to lure them to the estate, then killed Felkin to trap them there. When Breakwater and Cross learned discovered his plans, he killed them as well. However, Mycroft denies everything. He tells them he hadn't talked to Sherlock or Watson in a decade. He also denies telling anyone in the Golden Dawn about Jessie, but Bea realizes he did tell Mrs Brown. She connects Mrs Brown's diamond bracelet to Patricia, and realizes the actress is behind everything. Patricia then bribed Mrs Brown for information about Jessie, then used Wynn's murder to cast a manipulation spell on Mycroft so that he would bring the girl to her. After murdering Felkin, she bribed Mrs Brown again with the bracelet to provide an alibi for herself. With Mycroft's name cleared, Billy suggests that Dion died before she could finish writing the numeral XVI, corresponding to the card "The Tower".

Spike convincing Jessie to let go

Spike tried his best to convince Jessie to let go of the pole which would cause her death.

Jessie reaches a tower-shaped folly on the estate grounds, where Patricia is waiting for her. Still entranced by the love spell, she follows Patricia to the top of the tower. Patricia places Jessie's hands on a lightning rod and tells her to hold on before summoning a storm. Spike and Crawley reach the tower and enter, but Patricia closes the door behind them, trapping the rest of the group outside. Crawley tells Spike to rescue Jessie while he deals with Patricia. However, Patricia is able to convince him to join her by promising to share her powers once she absorbs Jessie's abilities. On the roof, Spike is able to convince Jessie to release the rod by telling him he loves her and asking for a hug. Patricia and Crawley arrive, and Patricia orders Jessie to grab the rod again. Spike restrains her, so Patricia orders Crawley to shoot him. However, Crawley is unable to do so, so Patricia grabs his gun and aims at Spike. At the last minute, Crawley shoves her and she hits the lightning rod just as a bolt hits, killing her instantly. With Patricia dead, the spells on Jessie and the estate dissipate.

Leo goes with Bea and Jessie to visit the grave of their mother, Alice. They discuss the recent revelation that Alice had known Dr Watson and Sherlock Holmes. Leo suggests that Alice was probably an ipsissimus like Jessie, and that the two men were probably using her for her power. He shows her some entries in Sherlock's grimoire that suggest Alice had not taken part in their experiments willingly. Jessie wonders if Sherlock and Watson killed her. Bea says they need to find a way to talk to Sherlock, believing him to be the key. They return to the Duck and Quiver, but Bea becomes angry when Leo tells her he needs to leave again. He promises to meet her back at the pub at ten that night.

Linen suit man tells Jessie to try harder

The Linen Man told Jessie to try harder.

Jessie has another nightmare, but escapes by pressing the moth on her wrist, which transports her to the Linen Man. She tells him that she learned she is an ipsissimus, and he confirms that he is one two. He tells her that the path of an ipsissimus is a lonely one, and that people won't understand her. He tells Jessie that she has to go deeper into the minds of those touched by the Rip to find its location, but she refuses.

Dr Watson summons Bea and Jessie to 221B. He tells them about the recent murder of a man named Paul Cambridge, whose face was removed by the killer. The murderer had been identified by several witnesses as David Oliver; however, Oliver himself had been found dead several days before the crime, also with a flayed skull. Watson tells them the case is being investigated by the regular police, but that Lestrade, the inspector in charge, has requested Jessie make her abilities available. Before leaving, Bea asks to meet with Holmes. When Watson denies the request, Bea rushes upstairs and discovers that Holmes is missing. To Watson's fury, Bea promises to find Holmes and uncover everything that Watson has been hiding from them.

Lestrade insults Jessie

Lestrade insulted Jessie, telling her he was an abomination.

Jessie, Billy, and Spike go to the scene of Cambridge's murder, where they meet Inspector Lestrade. Despite having requested Jessie's assistance, Lestrade reveals he considers her powers an abomination and treats her with hostility. While milling about the courtyard, Jessie accidentally bushes against a man, which sends her into a memory. She sees the man meeting with the two murdered men and a young girl in a nearby pub. They pay off the landlord and take the girl upstairs; the scene then shifts to the girl meeting with a midwife, complaining of symptoms that she thinks indicate pregnancy. Jessie returns to the present as the man escapes. She tells Lestrade and her friends that the man is the killer, and that he is actually a young girl.

Jessie leads the group to the pub from her vision. She explains the rest of her vision, and says that the girl must be disguising herself using the faces of her victims. Lestrade questions the landlord, who admits to knowing the victims but denies renting them a room, claiming that he is an upstanding family man. However, he tells them a girl matching Jessie's description lives in a taxidermy shop nearby.

Lestrade and the teenagers visit the taxidermy shop and speak to its owner, Mr Dixon. Dixon reveals the suspicious girl's name is Clara, but says he does not know where she is. He lets them into the basement, where Clara sleeps. The room is filled with taxidermies animals, which Jessie notices are all posed like families. Looking inside a cabinet, she finds the faces of the murdered men.

n the taxidermist's shop, Lestrade again interviews Dixon, who explains that he raised Clara and taught her his trade. Jessie returns to the basement, where she finds Clara digging through a cabinet. Clara threatens to kill her, but Jessie doesn't believe Clara will hurt her. She tells Clara that she understands why she killed the men, but Clara insists that Jessie doesn't know, and cries that the men took everything from her. She flees as the others come down the stairs, and Lestrade accuses Jessie of allowing Clara to escape. Jessie criticizes Lestrade for never taking the time to understand people. She explains that Clara was after more than revenge. Jessie reveals that the murdered men had given Clara syphilis. Clara had always wanted a family, but because of her disease would never bear children. Jessie predicts that Clara now plans to steal one of the men's families. Lestrade replies that none of the victims had families, but realizes that the landlord who rented the room does. He tells Jessie and her friends not to interfere, then goes to kill Clara. Meanwhile, Clara enters the pub in disguise, then confronts and kills the landlord. She steals his face and goes upstairs to join his family.

Jessie, Spike, and Billy arrive at the pub shortly after Lestrade, and find the inspector in shock after discovering the landlord's faceless body. He tells them that Clara escaped into the park out back, disguised as the landlord. Jessie tells Billy and Spike to find the girl before Lestrade, while she attempts to slow him down. However, Jessie becomes suspicious when Lestrade treats her kindly and realizes that the inspector is actually Clara. She takes Lestrade's gun and forces Clara to transform back into herself. Clara admits that she hates herself, and she feels like a freak, which Jessie sympathizes with. Clara asserts that she didn't plan to kill Lestrade, but was forced to when he attacked her. Jessie decides to allow Clara to escape, but first uses her psychic abilities to learn that Clara got her powers after praying for the ability to get revenge on the men who hurt her.

Back at the Duck and Quiver, Jessie tells Billy and Spike that Clara overpowered her and ran away, though they express skepticism. They are surprised to find an injured Leo laying in a cot. In the yard, Bea runs into Mrs Hudson. She asks Mrs Hudson whether Sherlock began using drugs around the time her mother disappeared, which Mrs Hudson confirms. Bea notices that her mother is wearing a ring in the from Sherlock's grimoire, and realizes she and Holmes were together. The epiphany leads her back to Alice's grave, where she finds Sherlock passed out.

In her dreams, Jessie meets with the Linen Man, and shares with him the information she has gathered from her recent adventures. The Linen Man dispels an illusion and reveals that he is actually on a ship headed for London to help Jessie find the Rip.

Bea rushes to the cellar to tell Jessie that Holmes is talking about their mother. However, Jessie decides not to join her. She explains that the Linen Man told her she could find the sources of the Rip in her nightmares, and so she is trying to fall asleep. On the street, Billy watches Bea leave. Spike convinces him to try meeting another girl, but as he walks over to introduce himself to some girls a man bumps into him. Billy is disturbed when he recognizes the man and tries to follow him, but loses him in the crowd.

Bea tells Jessie to fight

Jessie told Jessie to go talk to Sherlock.

Meanwhile, Jessie enters into a nightmare to look for the Rip. She finds herself in a dark cavern filled with bones. She is attacked by decayed corpses, who keep repeating the world "circle", but manages to escape by pressing the moth on her wrist. She wakes up on the street with Bea crouching over her. Jessie tells Bea she doesn't want to ever go back into the nightmares again, and Bea tells her she might not have to. She tells Bea that their mother had nightmare just like her, and asks her to come talk to to Sherlock. However, Jessie is reluctant to do so and leaves.

In the pub, Spike finds Billy drinking. Billy admits that the man he saw earlier, Vic Collins, was the master of the workhouse he, Bea, and Jessie were in. He explains that Collins used to beat him brutally, and says that he hopes someone kills him. Spike is concerned that Billy is planning something and warns him about the consequences of killing. Downstairs, Bea walks in on Leo dressing, and he is ashamed of her seeing his bruises. They share a quiet moment together and dance, but it ends awkwardly and Bea leaves.

Back at Baker Street, Bea brings Holmes a packet of drugs and he continues his story. As Bea suspected, Holmes confirms that Alice was pregnant with Jessie, and that he was the father. Jessie meets with Holmes, but tells him she doesn’t want anything to do with him. She only asks what here mother saw in her nightmares; Holmes replies she saw executioners, hanged bodies, and triangles.

Jessie storms out of the room. Bea vents her anger at Holmes for letting them think their mother went mad and drowned, and for abandoning them. Holmes tries to apologize but she rejects his offer of help. Holmes tells her that he made many mistakes, but what happened with the Rip wasn’t his fault. He tells her that he has been suspicious for years how Watson found out about the Rip. As Bea leaves, he asks her for the drugs, but to Holmes’ fury Bea reveals the packet contains only sugar.

Back at the Duck and Quiver, Bea and Jessie talk about their meeting with Holmes. Bea apologizes for pushing Jessie to meet him, and expresses her disgust for him. However, Jessie admits that she doesn’t feel anything about her father. She thanks Bea for always being there for her and loving her as a child, and tells her not to waste her energy hating Sherlock. Bea tells Jessie that she agrees with Holmes on one thing - she suspects Watson is actually behind everything, and intends to prove it.

Leo tells everyone what he thinks

Leo told everybody he believed

Back in the Duck and Quiver’s cellar, the group meets about the case. Leo suggests that someone is using the stolen organs to build a new person. The culprit had lost their abilities when Bea’s mother closed the Rip the first time, but has now begun their task again. Billy is agitated and doesn’t want to get involved, but Bea insists they have to solve this case in order to find the Rip. Their only other option is for Jessie to find it in her nightmares, but Jessie refuses out of fear. Bea suggests they pick up where Sherlock left off on the case. The only clue he had was the mixture of Snowdonia hawkweed found at the scene of the crime. Remembering that Holmes had sent Watson to a botanist named Edith Dubois to find out more about the rare plant, she asks Leo to find Dubois’ address. This seems to anger Billy, who storms off, as does Jessie, who is upset with the group for trying to cajole her into finding the Rip herself.

Jessie tells Sherlock she wants to decipher dreams

Jessie told Sherlock that she wanted help deciphering her dreams.

Sherlock returns to 221B, where he finds Jessie waiting for him. She wants his help in deciphering her nightmares. She tells him about the dark, bone-filled caverns in her dreams, and Sherlock recognizes the dark figures that stalk her as Medieval plague doctors. He tells her she is probably looking for a plague pit, a mass grave for victims of the Black Death. While he is initially reluctant to help further, Jessie eventually convinces him to help her locate the specific pit. He suggests that the repeated word “circle” she hears in her dreams may refer to the circular reading room in the London Library. As they head to the site, Holmes reminisces about his past and tells Jessie to value her friends. However, library proves to be a dud, much to Holmes’ frustration.

Back on Baker Street, Holmes refuses to help Jessie any further, seeing his failure at the library as a humiliation. He warns Jessie to get off the streets, because as the Rip widens the violence and disorder will grow. At Jessie’s prodding, he admits that he is not the same man he was, and that he lost his legendary abilities. Jessie accuses him of being afraid, but he turns it back on her and mocks her for being too afraid to stay in her nightmares where she could easily find all the answers to her questions. Jessie is upset that the won’t stand by her, but Holmes locks himself in 221B as gunshots go off down the street.

Linen Man tells Jessie he would be arriving soon

The Linen Man told Jessie that he would be arriving in London soon.

Jessie meets with the Linen Man in her dreams. He reveals that he will arrive in London in only a few hours. Jessie tells him that she feels disconnected from her friends, who keep trying to force her to go deeper into her nightmares. The Linen Man sympathizes, telling her that her friends can’t understand her. However, Jessie says that Bea is the only one who still understands her.

Bea and her friends meet to discuss the situation. Without any leads from Watson, and with the situation in the city deteriorating, they agree they have to get Jessie to find the Rip on her own. Bea looks for Jessie in the cellar, but instead finds Daimler. He tells her the truth about Leo’s identity. Bea confronts Leo about the revelation, and how he has been lying to the group since they met. She tells him that he put them all in danger for his folly. Leo tries to explain that he just wanted their friendship, but Bea rejects his apology and tells him he was just using them. She tells him to leave and never come back. Defeated, Leo returns to the palace.

Back in the Duck and Quiver’s cellar, Jessie explains to Bea that Sherlock has changed and that he won’t help them. Bea tells Jessie that their only option to find the Rip now is for Jessie to enter her nightmares. Jessie is upset that Bea would ask that of her, but Bea says Jessie needs to grow up because she’s the only one who can solve the problem. Thinking that the Linen Man was right about her friends not understanding, Jessie storms out.

Jessie arrives at the docks to meet the Linen Man, only to find the scene of a massacre. The Linen Man calls her over, and asks her where the Rip is. When Jessie tells him that she has not found the exact location, he criticizes her for being too weak and tells her that he will take the lead from here. She suggests that they can work together to close it, but tells a surprised Jessie that he has no intention of closing it. The Linen Man removes the moth that allows Jessie to escape her nightmares from her arm, then uses his magic to put the horrified girl to sleep, trapping her in the nightmare.

Sherlock brings Jessie to Baker Steet

Sherlock brought Jessie to Baker Street after finding her at the docks.

Their conversation is interrupted by Holmes, who enters with Jessie. Holmes tells them that he found her at the docks, and that it seems the Linen Man put Jessie in a magical sleep. Sherlock tells them he believes the man is an ipsissimus, and Watson theorizes he must have come to London to harness the power of the Rip, which would make him incredibly powerful.

Meanwhile, Jessie is trapped and frantically trying to escape her nightmares, where she is being hunted by ghastly plague doctors. The Linen Man taunts her, saying she was too weak to find the Rip. He tells her that once finds it, he will be able to harness the power of fear to control the world. He explains that fear is what allows you to control others, and what turns normal men into monsters. He shows Jessie visions of various future atrocities caused by "ordinary" people, such as the World Wars, the atom bomb, and the KKK.

The Linen Man, meanwhile, continues to bombard Jessie with images of future atrocities. He tells her that together, they can bring order to the world. He reveals that he has a son who is also an ipsissimus, and tells Jessie that they will create a dynasty of ipsissimi to rule over the world. Jessie refuses and keeps running as the plague doctors close in on her.

Remembering what the Linen Man said about controlling people through fear, Jessie comes to the conclusion that facing her fears is the only way to escape her nightmare. She determines to confront the plague doctors. However, the Linen Man tells her that her real fear is being being abandoned by others for being unlovable. Jessie ends up in a pit, where the plague doctors bury her alive.

Back at Baker Street, Bea and Watson check on Jessie. They cannot understand why Holmes would join the Linen Man, and Bea is particularly upset by his betrayal. As a result of the Linen Man’s touch, she finds herself having visions of her mother, and remembers when her mother left her and Jessie with Sister Anna. Spike arrives at the house with Billy and Leo, who managed to secure Billy’s release. Together, the four friends talk to Jessie, reaching her in her nightmare. This gives her the strength to climb out of the grave and destroy the plague doctors. She also has a vision of workers accidentally breaking into the cavern as part of excavations for the new London Underground, and learns that the cavern is located near Aldgate Station on the Inner Circle Line. Jessie wakes up and tells her friends about her discover, and warns them they have to hurry. Meanwhile, the Linen Man and Holmes break into the construction site at Aldgate, where they find the expanding Rip.

At 221B Bea updates Jessie on what happened while she was trapped in her nightmares. Jessie realizes that The Linen Man must have gone into Bea's head as well. Bea shares how she sees Alice saying goodbye for the final time and that she wasn't even old enough to remember it. But Jessie knows that The Linen Man can tap into any memory as long as it is in your mind. She suggests Bea stay behind; however, Bea doesn't want to hear it.

As Bea and the gang make their way through the streets, London goes up in flames. The gang arrives at Aldgate to find the door barricaded shut. Watson has another plan, though. He had checked the construction ordinance before leaving and knows that the old sewer line will run straight into the tunnels. Bea praises him for his smart thinking and he sarcastically replies that she didn’t bring him along for his charm.

The group begins to separate little by little and a white flash passes by Spike and touches his shoulder. In the next moment, Vic Collins makes his way towards him. The same white flash passes and touches Leo, who instantly gets a nosebleed.The same thing happens to Spike, who instantly falls to the ground terrified. Jessie, Bea and Watson overhear Billy and Spike's screams and Watson realizes that The Linen Man has come for them.

Just before the same white flash moves past them, Watson fires and stops The Linen Man from coming close. Jessie tells them to stay where they are and that she will handle him. Watson tries to stop her, but she runs after The Linen Man. He stays behind to try and help Bea break out of The Linen Man's control. Meanwhile, Leo is bleeding profusely out of his nose, mouth and ears following by Spike screaming out for someone to "help her; she’s dying". It then jumps to Billy being taunted by Vic.

Jessie finally catches up with The Linen Man and he reaches out to touch her. He claims she has such a beautiful mind and it would be a shame to destroy it, but she informs him that they aren’t in her memories – they are in his.

In The Linen Man's mind, he tells Jessie there is nothing there she can use against him. But he’s wrong. Jessie knows that this memory they are watching was when he killed his best friend. That he tortured so many people and each time he took a piece of that with him. She reaches out and grabs his arm, forcing him to relive all of the times he tortured someone and to feel a bit of all of their fear at one time. Terrified, he stumbles back and falls off the small cliff. Everyone currently under his control are set free from their nightmares.

Everyone tries to regroup, but the tunnel collapses and separates Billy, Spike and Leopold from Bea, Jessie and Watson. Billy's leg is broken in the collapse and Bea tells them to head back to the cellar and keep each other safe. Billy is reluctant to go at first but eventually agrees. Spike and Leopold help Billy out of the tunnels while Bea and Watson continue on to find Jessie, who had made her way down to The Linen Man. He is somehow still alive and warns Jessie that if she tries to close the Rip, she will die.

Jessie knows that this is possible but is ready to do the right thing, just like her mother. The Linen Man continues to taunt her by telling her that when he went into Arthur's mind, he didn’t just see where the Rip was but who opened it. She demands to know who it was, but he just says that deep down, she already knows who it is and then dies. Bea asks Jessie who she thinks it is, but instead of answering, Jessie begins running towards the Rip.

Alice returns

Bea and Jessie watched Alice come back from inside the Rip.

Bea and Watson follow behind her and find Sherlock and the Rip. They all watch as Alice makes her way out of the Rip and breaks it open further. Bea believes this is all in her head, but Jessie tells her that this is real. Above ground, we can see that the streets have gotten far worse as Spike, Billy and Leopold navigate past a cannibal feasting on another man’s flesh. Down at the Rip, we get a sweet family reunion until the topic of the girl’s upbringing comes up. Sherlock apologizes for not being there for the girls and claims he tried, but Bea believes he is lying and that he abandoned her just last night.

Sherlock claims that they are just alike. He and Bea would do anything to be with Alice again, which is why he did it. Alice promises Bea that she is never going to leave her again and from here on out, she will take care of her. Jessie begins to realize that the Rip is only getting worse the longer Alice is outside of it. She asks Alice whys he is opening the Rip.

Alice, explains that she opened the Rip to return to the world of the living. That once it is completely open, she will no longer be trapped there. Jessie understands her motives but is upset that her mother knew this would make monsters out of people. Alice explains that it is only temporary and when the barrier between both worlds collapses, the chaos will be gone. Watson realizes what she is trying to do and speaks up. He knows that when the barrier collapses, this world will cease to exist.

He asks Alice what world she came from. She explains it's a world where spirits who aren't ready to move on remain – purgatory. Watson realizes that she wants to turn the world into purgatory and Alice tells him it will be the end of death. Jessie disagrees with her mother, knowing that this isn't worth the cost they have to pay. Sherlock agrees with Alice, though Jessie realizes they have both been warped by their sadness. She knows she needs to close the Rip, but Alice warns her that it will force her back into the other world if she does. She tries to make her way up to it, but Bea stops her.

Bea and Jessie reminisce

Jessie entered Bea's mind in order to remind her that life was worth living.

Bea continues to try and stop Jessie from closing the Rip. In an attempt to help her understand, Jessie enters Bea's mind. Bea accuses her of bringing her worst memories to life, but Jessie wants to show her the good ones. Bea doesn't believe they have any, but they see flashbacks of the gang playing games together in the cellar, Bea and Leo's night together and their first night in the workhouse when Bea snuck into the nursery to sleep next to Jessie, Bea begins to realize just how happy her life has been.

At the Rip, Bea explains that while she and Sherlock might hurt the same, they are different. Alice doesn't want Jessie to close the Rip and be forced to leave, but Bea knows now that it must be done. She realizes it wasn't the grieving that hurt them but the fact that they didn’t grieve at all that did. Bea hugs her mother and thanks her for giving her the chance to say goodbye. Alice turns to Sherlock, asking for help, but he understands now that it isn't about them anymore but about the girls. He tells Alice she needs to go back as well. Watson warns Jessie that the Rip is collapsing and she needs to close it. Jessie beings to close the Rip as the scene flashing back to the basement.

Jessie continues to close the Rip, with Bea anchoring her to this side. Alice says goodbye to them and tells them that she loves them before she gets sucked in. Sherlock then turns to Watson and tells him that he has been a better friend than he ever deserved. Confused, he watches Sherlock run-up to the Rip and put his hand in as well. Jessie cries out to him to stop and calls him dad for the first time. Watson tries to hold him back as Bea fights to keep Jessie on this side as well.

Watson helps save Jessie

After letting Holmes go, Watson was able to help Bea save Jessie.

Watson and Bea are still struggling to hold onto Bea and Sherlock. Jessie loses her footing and Bea struggles to keep her steady. She calls out to Watson to help her, but he refuses to let go of Sherlock. Bea continues to beg, telling him that he can let Sherlock go, that she needs his help to save her. He finally lets go of Sherlock, who is pulled into the Rip and grabs ahold of Jessie. The scene then flashes back and forth between Leo and Sister Anna to Jessie, Bea and Watson until Jessie can finally close the Rip. With Watson's help, Bea keeps her sister from being dragged in.

The next morning, Billy, Spike, Jessie, Bea, Leopold and Watson meet at Alice's grave and place flowers on her tombstone. Bea gives a beautiful eulogy for Alice and Sherlock. The group gets ready to take their leave and Bea and Watson are left at the grave. Bea asks Waston what he will do now. He isn't sure what he will do, but he thinks he can find something. Bea invites him to come over for fish and chips, but he declines and says he has dinner plans.

Back at the cellar, Spike and Jessie are discussing her new powers. Jessie asks him what he saw when The Linen Man touched him in the sewers. He tells her that he saw her everywhere, but she was hurt and dying. Jessie realizes that Spike's worst nightmare is losing her. She reaches out and holds his hand as they cuddle closer together.