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Doctor John H. Watson (ジョン・H・ワトソン, Jon H Watoson) is one of the main characters of Moriarty the Patriot and the best friend and assistant of Sherlock Holmes.


John is a young adult man with short ash green hair.


John is intelligent man with high morale code. His experience as doctor on the warfront gives him good deductive skills that involve crime scenes.


John is a retired doctor from the warfront After returning to London, his friend Stamford suggests he becomes Sherlock Holmes' flatmate.

John visits the address, but as no one opens, he goes inside and find a strange odor. Going on the second floor, he finds Sherlock on the ground in a pool of blood and checks if he is alive and what wound he has. Sherlock then wakes up and reveals that he is working on a new agent that reacts only with blood and that will help him determine if certain items had blood on them. From a quick deduction, Sherlock figures that John is a doctor from the Afghan War and that he also writes. He approves of him, but explains that Ms. Hudson Hudson also needs to approve him. They go out and meet Hudson in a bar, where Hudson and John quickly like each other and she approves him.

Moments later, Sherlock gets arrested and John gets involved in his first case with Sherlock and how brilliant he is in solving the crime. Sherlock manages to find the real murderer and states there is another person involved who crafted the plan. The murderer, Jefferson confirms it and offers a deal with Sherlock: since he is sick and going to die soon, he wants Sherlock to shoot him and in exchange he will receive the name of his benefactor. Seemingly tempted, Sherlock points his gun at Jefferson, which causes John to point his gun at Sherlock and tell him that his is wrong. However, Sherlock reveals he has no intention of shooting the man and instead brings him to the police to prove his innocence.

John writes about Sherlock's adventures for the Strand Magazine under the pseudonym "Conan Doyle".

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