John Sholto
Vital statistics
Occupation Major (army)
Behind the scenes
Appearances "The Sign of the Four"

Major John Sholto was in the army in India and there he became friends with Captain Arthur Morstan.

Whilst in service in India Sholto and Morstan came into possession of information of a large amount of treasure. After learning from Jonathan Small the location, he then stole it. A quarrell with Morstan about the treasure resulted in Marstan's accidental death. For years Sholto lived in fear of the vengence of the Jonathan Small-he employed two british prize fighters as "porters" {Bodyguards} and actually fired a pistol at a one legged man {not Small}.

Sholto had two sons, Thaddeus and Bartholomew. He tried to tell his sons the location of the treasure but died whilst doing so. This made his sons curious and they wanted to find out more about the treasure.