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"What is it tonight? Morphine? Or cocaine?"
―John Watson to Sherlock Holmes

John Watson (Granada) refers to the on-screen incarnation of John Watson in the ITV Granada Television adaptation. Unusually for a TV adaptation, this incarnation was portrayed by two different actors. Watson was originally played by David Burke in The Adventures... part of the series (the first and second season, 1984-1985), and afterward by Edward Hardwicke, who played Watson for the remainder of the entire run (1986-1994).

Portrayal in the series[]

This version of John Watson is the companion of the series take on Sherlock Holmes, as portrayed by English actor Jeremy Brett.


Watson's personality in this version is good-hearted, but often quite stuffy and even occasionally pompous. There is also a slight difference between David Burke's portrayal, which was more prone to be energetic and impulsive in addition to a more youthful appearance, and Edward Hardwicke's portrayal, of a more elderly-looking and more measured Watson.


Unlike the Canon version of Watson, the Granada version of Watson never marries Mary Morstan following the events of The Sign of Four.