"What is it tonight? Morphine? Or cocaine?"
―John Watson to Sherlock Holmes

John Watson (Granada) refers to the on-screen incarnation of John Watson in the ITV Granada Television adaptation. Unusually for a TV adaptation, this incarnation was portrayed by two different actors. Watson was originally played by David Burke in The Adventures... part of the series (the first and second season, 1984-1985), and afterward by Edward Hardwicke, who played Watson for the remainder of the entire run (1986-1994).

Portrayal in the series

This version of John Watson is the companion of the series take on Sherlock Holmes, as portrayed by English actor Jeremy Brett.


Watson's personality in this version is good-hearted, but often quite stuffy and even occasionally pompous. There is also a slight difference between David Burke's portrayal, which was more prone to be energetic and impulsive in addition to a more youthful appearance, and Edward Hardwicke's portrayal, of a more elderly-looking and more measured Watson.


Unlike the Canon version of Watson, the Granada version of Watson never marries Mary Morstan following the events of The Sign of Four.


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