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Dr John Hamish Watson is a surgeon and a veteran of the Second Afghan War. He is the best friend, partner, and loyal flatmate of Sherlock Holmes,[1][2] often taking part in his investigations.

Watson is an excellent shot with his firearm and is also a competent swordsman. He is brave and intelligent, ably assisting Holmes in his investigations. However, Watson has a tendency to gamble and often loses all his money on this addiction.

During the course of his adventures, Watson meets and becomes engaged to Mary Morstan[1] and eventually weds her.[2]


Watson is shown to be loyal, sarcastic, humble, polite, smart, stubborn and selfless. He is also extremely intelligent and able to match deductions with Sherlock with ease. He can be very hot tempered in the face of pressure or annoyance, and greatly cares about his best friend Sherlock Holmes and loved ones. He is very brave and willing to sacrifice himself for any just cause. He is an immensely talented healer and is able to repair the wounds he personally suffered in the attack at the slaughterhouse when Blackwood attempts to blow him, Sherlock and Irene Adler up. 


  • Medical Expertise: John Watson is a higly proficient doctor with excellent medical proficiency, having studied medicine formally and practiced it as a surgeon during the Anglo-Afghan War. His medical knowledge and diagnosis makes him an invaluable asset in criminal investigations.
  • Investigative Intellect: The time John spent with Sherlock has made him an excellent investigator in his own right. He is able to keep up with the latter's instantaneous chain of deductive reasoning and make his own deductions almost as proficiently, though he still slightly trails behind his best friend and mentor. Nonetheless, Sherlock recognizes his friend's investigative skills and considers him someone who can investigate in his stead even when he's not present.
  • Master Combatant: Watson is a highly skilled combatant and is able to hold his own against several opponents simultaneously. He has proficiency in hand-to-hand combat and has some skill in grappling such as chokeholds or submissions. When fighting, his primary weapon is his cane which can be unsheathed to use the blade inside it.
    • Expert Swordsman: Under dire situations, John can unsheathe the blade inside his cane. He is a capable swordsman and can use the blade to swiftly incapacitate multiple enemies.
  • Expert Marksman: John is proficient in the use of firearms thanks to his years of military service in Afghanistan, and is shown to be an excellent marksman. His primary weapon of choice is a revolver, but he is adept at using other firearms and military equipment such as rifles, automated guns, and at one point an artillery cannon.


  • As a veteran of the Second Afghan War, at his stag party and wedding Watson wears both the Afghanistan Medal and the Kandahar Star.
  • He hates when Sherlock experiments on his dog.
  • He is much more polite and friendly towards people, in contrast to Holmes' antisocial behaviour.


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