Jonny Lee Miller
Character Sherlock Holmes
Birthday 15 November, 1972
Birth Place Kingston upon Thames, Greater London, England
Appearances Elementary

Jonathan "Jonny" Lee Miller is the British actor who portrays Sherlock Holmes on Elementary.

He is probably best known for his roles in, amongst other things, Hackers, Trainspotting, Eli Stone, and Frankenstein.


  • In the summer of 2011, Danny Boyle created a National Theatre production of 'Frankenstein' in which Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller played the creator and monster and alternated roles nightly. Both actors then went on to play another Victorian creation Sherlock Holmes, both set in the present day, albeit opposite side of the Atlantic.
  • He previously appeared in the 2000 British crime comedy film Love Honour and Obey, the cast of which included Rhys Ifans (who plays Sherlock's brother Mycroft), and Sean Pertwee (who plays Gareth Lestrade).

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