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Louis James Moriarty (ル イ ス ・ ジ ェ ー ム ズ ・ モ リ ア ー テ ィ, Ruisu Jēmuzu Moriāti ) is a main character in Moriarty the Patriot and the younger brother of William Moriarty and adopted brother to Albert Moriarty. It is he who manages and maintains all the Moriarty properties.

The character is based on the less known brother of Professor James Moriarty who was referenced twice in the Doyle canon. Since the manga uses the two brother theory due to Doyle retconning the brother's profession, he's likely based on the incarnation in The Valley of Fear who Holmes referred to as being a station master and the younger brother of Moriarty.


The youngest of the siblings, Louis lived in an orphanage with his brother William, with Louis being quite ill. He eventually met the eldest son of the Moriarty family Albert Moriarty, who would often visit the orphanage to help the children, after Albert found out about Louis' brother's goal to make everyone in Britain equal, he promised him his resources and his devout loyalty and had his father adopt him and Louis, using Louis' illness as a way of forcing the duke to adopt them. After being poorly treated by the rest of the family, he plots with his brother and Albert to cause a fire killing the rest of the household.

Louis has a scar on his cheeks of which he inflicted on himself when they burned down and killed the entire Moriarty and their staff in order to make a realistic way of them surviving. His devotion to his older brothers is amazing. Among the 3 brothers, he has the less emotion of them all. He doesn’t flinch despite young age when he killed someone. Like his oldest brother, he is also skilled in fighting. He manages the estate of Moriarty. As of the current chapters his plan was to dispose of Sherlock Holmes once he was no longer of use or when his brother William got bored of him.


He has blond hair, scarlett eyes and years glasses . A burn mark on his right cheek which he inflicted on himself.


Louis is extremely devoted to his older brother, even while committing acts of crime. He is able to do what his older brother asks him to do, even if he cannot.

When he was a child he was weaker because of his poor health. He let it go, and obeyed his adoptive mother. But growing up, he asserted himself, going so far as to confess to his brother his feeling of being excluded and his willingness to take part in missions.

He is quite loyal to his brothers especially William.


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