Vital statistics
Location Bern, Switzerland
Position Village
Appearances "The Final Problem"

Meiringen is a small village located in the Swiss Alps. The town is well known for its location near the famous Reichenbach Falls. This village was Holmes and Watson's unexpected final stop on their trek across Europe in "The Adventure of the Final Problem".

The Final Problem

After arriving in Strasbourg, Holmes sends a telegraph to the London police which led to the breakup of Moriarty's gang. However, Moriarty manages to escape, leading Holmes to realise that Moriarty would now hunt him in revenge. The two therefore flee the city and headed for Switzerland, stopping in Geneva before heading up the Rhone Valley for Meiringen. Atop the Gemmi Pass, Holmes is nearly killed by falling boulders. Though the guide says falling boulders are common in the spring, Holmes takes it as a sign that he is indeed being followed by Moriarty. They arrive at Meiringen, where they put up at the Englischer Hof hotel run by Peter Steiler the elder.

The next day, they set off for the hamlet of Rosenlaui, though the hotel owner tells them to be sure to pass the Reichenbach Falls on their way over the mountain, as it is a sight not to be missed. When they reach the falls, Watson is extremely impressed. However, a Swiss boy arrives bringing a letter from the hotel, saying that a deathly ill English woman has just arrived.