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Mike: "I heard you were abroad somewhere getting shot at. What happened?"
John: "I got shot."
―Mike Stamford and John Watson[src]

Mike Stamford is a doctor who attended medical school with John Watson at St. Bartholomew's Hospital and went on to teach there. He is on good terms with Sherlock Holmes, and introduces him to John after hearing both state separately that they were looking for a flatshare in London.[1]

He is seen commenting on John's blog,[2] and according to Sherlock's observations, he and John still go out drinking occasionally. Despite being unable to attend John's wedding, he sends a card.


  • The subtitles and credits in "A Study in Pink" state his name to be 'Mike Stamford', however in "The Sign of Three", it is spelled as 'Mike Stanford'.
  • An 1890s version of Mike Stamford appears in Sherlock's mind palace when attempting to solve a cold case from the era. His actions such as bumping into John and introducing him to Sherlock are played out the same, except obviously in the Victorian setting.



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