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Miss Hudson is a character in the manga and anime series, Moriarty the Patriot where she is Sherlock Holmes' landlady.


Hudson is a young adult woman with long brown hair that is usually braided.


Even though Hudson is often angry and Sherlock, she deeply cares for him and his safety. Even though sometimes he is missing for day or lock himself and doesn't talk to her, he still has moments when he is quite kind to her and does as she says, which makes her happy.


Hudson often gets angry at Sherlock as he tends to be late with the rent. One day while arguing and wanting the rent, they see a friend of Sherlock, who proposes that Sherlock gets a flatmate and share the rent.

Sherlock then finds some people for Hudson to approve, but she disapproves all of them as they are an actor who can't pay, a prostitute that will bring men into the room and a homeless man who also can't pay. Eventually Sherlock brings John H Watson and after speaking with him, Hudson finds him being a good man, who understand that even though Hudson is often annoyed around Sherlock, she cares for him like he is family.


Unlike most incarnations of Mrs. Hudson, she's referred to as "Miss" instead of "Mrs." and seems to be much younger than how the character is typically portrayed.

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