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Miss Wenceslas: "Who are you?"
Sherlock: "Sherlock Holmes."
Miss Wenceslas: "Am I supposed to be impressed?"
Sherlock: "You should be. Have a nice day."
— "The Great Game"

Miss Wenceslas is the owner of the Hickman Gallery.[1] She is first seen confronting Sherlock Holmes in the Gallery whilst he is examining the painting, having gained entry by disguising himself as a security guard. He tells her that it must be a fake before shedding his disguise and walking out.

She appears again when Sherlock, Dr John Watson and DI Greg Lestrade are attempting to prove that the masterpiece is a fake. Sherlock deduces the answer during the final ten seconds Jim Moriarty gives him to solve it. The Van Buren supernova, which is visible in the piece, did not exist at the supposed time of painting; Sherlock identifies the anomaly in the last remaining second, saving the target child.

At the station, Miss Wenceslas admits that she only wanted her share of the thirty million pounds. She explains that she met a forger in Argentina, and eventually she was put in touch with people who worked for the mysterious bomber, who helped her set up the sale. However, she never met with him. Sherlock demands a name, and she finally tells them that it was Moriarty.

Behind the scenes[]

Wenceslas is the Anglicised version of Václav, the name of the Czech patron saint.


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