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This page is for the Sherlock (2010) character. For the film see Mr Holmes (film).

Mr Holmes is the father of Sherlock, Mycroft, and Eurus Holmes, and the husband of Mrs Holmes.


After Sherlock's return from his faked death and his name being cleared, Mr Holmes visited Sherlock in his flat at 221B Baker Street with his wife. John Watson walked in partway through and interrupted a rather one-sided conversation between Mrs Holmes and Sherlock, prompting the latter to urge his parents to leave. Mr and Mrs Holmes were both aware of the fact that Sherlock had faked his death during the two years he spent hunting down the remaining members of Jim Moriarty's network, and as a result, had not attended the fake funeral.[1]

Benedict Cumberbatch with his real life parents Wanda Ventham and Timothy Carlton, and Mark Gatiss as the Holmes family in BBC Sherlock Season 3 Episode 3 His Last Vow

Mr Holmes with his wife and two sons

During Christmas that year, Sherlock, Mycroft, Bill Wiggins, John, and his wife, Mary, celebrated the day at the Holmes' residence. Along with his wife, Mycroft and Mary, Mr Holmes was drugged by Bill on Sherlock's orders.[2]


According to his wife Mr Holmes tended to lose things easily. He was also described as the "sane one" of the Holmes family. Mr Holmes was the only one in his family who did not possess remarkable intellectual abilities, describing himself as "a bit of a moron". This, however, would seem to be a relative assessment, only true when taken against the amazing minds of the other four.

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