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Mrs Holmes is the mother of Sherlock, Mycroft, and Eurus Holmes, and the wife of Mr Holmes.


Benedict Cumberbatch with his real life parents Wanda Ventham and Timothy Carlton, and Mark Gatiss as the Holmes family in BBC Sherlock Season 3 Episode 3 His Last Vow

Mrs Holmes with her husband and two sons

Sherlock and Mycroft mention "Mummy" at several points, most commonly as a threat or complaint from the elder Holmes brother, Mycroft, and seems to be something of a sore point for both of them.

After Sherlock's return from his faked death and the clearing of his name, Mrs Holmes visited Sherlock in his flat at 221B Baker Street with her husband. John Watson walked in partway through and interrupted a rather one-sided conversation between Mrs Holmes and Sherlock, prompting the latter to urge his parents to leave. Mr and Mrs Holmes were both aware of the fact that Sherlock had faked his death during the two years he spent hunting down the remaining members of Jim Moriarty's network, and did not attend the fake funeral, Mrs Holmes saying that she was glad that his name was now cleared. [1]

During Christmas 2013, Sherlock, Mycroft, Bill Wiggins, John Watson, and his pregnant wife, Mary, are celebrating at the Holmes residence. Mrs Holmes caught Mycroft and Sherlock smoking, something they tried to hide from her. Along with her husband, Mycroft, and Mary, Mrs Holmes was drugged by Bill on the orders of Sherlock. This was so that Sherlock and John could leave unimpeded to go after Charles Augustus Magnussen. [2]


  • While celebrating Christmas at the Holmes residence, Mary can be seen reading Mrs Holmes' book "The Dynamics of Combustion"[2] — a reference to Moriarty's publication "The Dynamics of an Asteroid"[3] within Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's fourth Sherlock Holmes novel "The Valley of Fear".
  • Mrs Holmes' initials are "M. L. Holmes" as reads on the cover of her book "The Dynamics of Combustion" in 'His Last Vow'.[2]
  • Sherlock states that his mother has some things to answer for; he has a list, while Mycroft has a file.

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