"On the Line"

Season 2, Episode 9

On The Line
Air Date 21 November, 2013
Writer Jason Tracey
Director Guy Ferland
Viewers 9.24 million (U.S.)[1]
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Next "Tremors"
"On The Line" is the ninth episode of season two of Elementary. It first aired on CBS on 21 November, 2013.


A woman tries to frame the man she accused of murdering her sister by shooting herself on a bridge. Sherlock deduces the woman's suicide, but when he meets the suspect during a polygraph test, he believes that the man is guilty of being a serial killer. Investigating other families in connection to the killer, Sherlock and Joan are tipped off to another potential victim's mother, but, upon visiting her, realise that the killer "catfished" them. Sherlock continues to harass the suspect. Sherlock realises that the man's recording studio has a hidden room and the team catches the killer and saves two of his victims. Gregson stands up for Sherlock within the department.


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Guest Stars

  • Troy Garity – Lucas Bundsch
  • Chris Bauer – Detective Gerry Coventry
  • Eric Sheffer Stevens – Tim Spalding
  • Charlotte Maier – Cynthia Tilden
  • Kate Cullen Roberts – Kathy Spalding
  • Dillan Arrick – Jenna Lombard
  • Dee Pelletier – Polygraph examiner
  • Kacie Sheik – Receptionist
  • Ryan McCarthy – Sheriff's officer #1
  • Lucas Dixon – Sheriff's officer #2
  • Howard W. Overshown – Detective
  • Marcus Callender – Young cop


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